Freitag, 17. Mai 2019

May Gifted Gorgeousness

Can you believe we're halfway through May again? Me neither! I have been busy, though, and have quite a few things to show for this month's Gifted Gorgeousness check in.

First of, a finished the Ambarussa moebius loop in blue. I reallyl ike how it turned out . it's just as soft and pretty as the red one, but thanks to the new 'cast on' I tried out, it's stretchy all the way through and even more comfortable. I think I'll need to make another one for Felix sonn as well, but this one is a very late Christmas present for a good friend.

I also finished the crocodile blanket doll! It only took me ages, seeing how I already finished the head and body by late March, but Ambarussa got in the way and vacation time and now it's all done. I am very pleased with how it turned out and enjoyed working with the yarn too (Scheepjes Stone Washed - mostly cotton with some artifical fibres for effect).

I already started the second animal from the same book - this one is a hippo. I already finished the head and ears and I'm now working on the body, and I think if I stick to it, I might even finish it next week! Those two are gifts for the grandchildren of a friend of my grandma, but I think I'll have to make more from the book too, they are all really cute and fun.

And last but not least, I've been working more on my Mermaid...I fully finished the cross stitch on the upper right page, only need to fill in the border to do the same for the upper left, and I worked on her tail too! Her butt is sitting smack on the intersection of all four pages, so there was a lot of page-juggling, but I think I managed it without any noticeable mistakes.


  1. Your mermaid is looking great, and your other projects are lovely too.

  2. Leonore: Your crocodiles are adorable, I am not one to work with yarn, but love seeing what you do.
    The Mermaid is beautiful.


  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month.
    Wonderful work on your yarnwork and the Mermaid is stunning too.

  4. Lots of lovely crafting in this post.

  5. Nice post, love the Ambarussa and the crocodile is really cute. No doubt his friend hippo will be lovely too. xxx

    1. Thanks! I hope the Hippo will be ready to join his friend soon.

  6. Love your crocodile! Hippo looks sweet too!
    Great progress on your mermaid too.
    Mobeius loop looks interesting!
    Looking forward to seeing the mermaid and hippo finished.
    Barbara xx

  7. Oh, those little knitted animals are so cute; I can see why you want to knit more. Good work on Mermaid too, especially her multi-paged bottom! :)

  8. Your mermaid is growing beautifully, Leonore and those animals are just the cutest! I can see why you want to stitch more from the book--always nice to have extra baby gifts in the wings just in case :)

    Enjoy your day!

  9. Those blanket doll animals are adorable! And the moebius wrap is such a glorious color... lucky friends!