Thursday 2 May 2019

Finish it in 2019 - May Check-In

So after missing the checkin for April, I'm back for May, and almost on time, too! I'm linking up with my friend Magical who hosts this SAL. Let's have a look at my list:

1) Early Morning Santa
2) The Mermaid
3) Half Granny Shawl
4) Reindeer
5) Wuffi the Dog
6) Whacky Witches in Stitches

The Mermaid is still trodding along. I'm back to working on her almost every day and have been making good progress those last few days - hopefully it'll keep going like this!
I'm also still working on Whacky Witches - in April I finished the lower row and I started working on the top now:

I also had a finish - as seems to become the rule, I did the finish-finishing just tonight, although the stitching and beading has been finished since mid-March. It's Early Morning Santa! I so love his colours with the bright red and green. I finished him as an ornament as to the instructions and backed him with dark green felt which I might trim a little more once the glue has all dried:

This would bring my list down to five items, but I'm going to introduce another one - my March Fobs. This was Magical's first 'Fob of the Month', back in 2015 when she first started doing them. I stitched up the charted orange version years ago, but I always wanted to make a purple colourway too. Last week's homework in the Magical Stitches group had me working on my smallest WIP, so I pulled it out and stitched up the back, and I want to keep this motion going, stitch the second front and finish both of them:

So my updated list is this:

1) The Mermaid
2) Half Granny Shawl
3) Reindeer
4) Wuffi the Dog
5) Whacky Witches in Stitches
6) March Fobs


Pamela said...

Great progress! That little Santa is so cute! Daiso sells sheets of stick on felt (no glue required) that works well for perforated paper ornaments.

Rachel said...

Congratulations on your mini finish and being able to cross one off your list. As you say, the others are plodding along nicely and look like they're on track for finishing this year. Keep going... you can do it! :)

Magical Mystery said...

Your Morning Santa is beautiful! I have been loving your progress on the mermaid and whacky witches! I'm eager to see the result of your purple fob! your finishing is always so fun :D

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad you approve of everything :D I hope to get that purple fob done before the next checkin.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The mermaid is looking lovely. Nice to tick off the finishes too. Even if you have added more to the list!

Bethan said...

I can totally see why you love Early Morning Santa. Great progress on everything x