Thursday 2 August 2018

July WIPocalypse

Late, but not too late, I've come tp bring you my July WIPocalypse update.  It's been so hot here for the last couple of days (or has it been weeks already?) that sometimes I feel like melting . really too hot to do all the things I'm doing, but thankfully, stitching is still fun!

The question of the month is Half-year recap: How are you doing with your goals so far this year? I've already talked about this quite a bit last month, after I had done the Longest Day SAL. The good new is that I touched all my 18 in '18 WIPs except for three - I haven't started on Endangered Young 'Uns, but maybe I'll get to that later this year, Viajante is scheduled for some love this month (although I highly doubt it will be done by winter!) and I still need to go looking for some of the missing parts of BB8. The Baby Blanket I worked on a little bit earlier this year, but don't think it was anough to warrant new pictures.

Now for not just touching projects, but my actual goals... so far, I only reached 2 (finished 99 and Arke) and I've been doing fairly well keeping up with three more (Fire and Ember, The Puppeteer and the Birthstone Ornaments). Snow White and the Princess Fobs have sadly fallen by the wayside with very slim chances of getting back on track. The other eleven still have chances to reach their respective goals - not all of them, but certainly two or three, depending on what I decide to focus on, I think. I'll probably try to get a few things done instead of making progress on everything.

Now, what's the progress for this month?

1) Fire and Ember SAL

I finished a page of Fire and Ember during the Stitchathon - just four pages left to go now!

2) The Puppeteer

I'm reasonably caught up with this a few days at any given time, but that's okay. I'm working towards a row finish here!

4) 99

99 has been finished this month! I really wanted to show it to you framed, and I already have all the supplies to do it (or have Felix do it), but once again, we have been a little too busy. Soon, though!

5) The Mermaid

The Mermaid has become my focus piece after 99 was finished and I've been working on it every single day since then. I ran into some trouble with the border (as in: I realized it uses some rayon thread I hadn't ordered yet...) so I started to work on the sky instead, and I just LOVE it. All those grey-ish blends are so soothing, and it's going much faster and smoother than I thought! Now I ran into a big patch of half stitches, so it's grown even more in the last two days than this picture show. On the left you can also see a start I have made on the Anchor  Marlitt that has since arrived. I hope that for August I can finish the sky and a good bit of the rayon stitching too.

16) Ornaments of the Month

As seen in the Zodiac SAL update, I finished the back for July and finish-finished the March ornament. I think there are just two more months to go now, and then I will have time to catch up on the ornaments I've left out so far!


Pamela said...

Super progress!

Hobbying the Introvert said...

Yas to 99 being done. Can't wait to see it framed. Goodness you are almost done with Fire Emblem! Four more pages, I know, but I'm so excited for you on that one. I remember when you started it. (^_^)

And I hear it's hot on your end. A friend of mine from Germany is always talking about how hot it is...I hope you all get some cooler weather soon.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

That surely is a lot of progress this month and I think you are doing pretty well concerning your goals for this year =) Being a Haed-stitcher, I think 4 pages to go on Fire and Ember are already quite close to another finish ;-)

FlashinScissors said...

Great work, Leonore, especially Fire & Ember ..... it looks so lifelike!
Barbara x

Bethan said...

You've managed a lot even though you have been so busy! I see what you mean about the colours in the Mermaid piece being soothing - they really are x

Brigitte said...

Das sieht alles nach sehr viel Fortschritt aus. Und die Flaschen sind fertig, juhu. Das war sicher ein tolles Gefühl, als die letzte gestickt war. Auch wenn man etwas noch so gerne stickt, ist man dann irgendwann doch froh, wenn man sich an etwas anderes machen kann.

Astrids dragon said...

Only four more pages? Awesome, I can't wait to see it finished!
I love the beer bottles, they look great.
Yay on the mermaid and the ornaments look good too.

Justine said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! You've had a great month's stitching.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great recap - only 4 pages on Fire and Ember - woohoo!

Lovely stitching on the Mermaid too.

Leonore Winterer said...

99 has been framed yesterday, so I only need to find time to blog about it...feels so good to be done!
I remember my start on Fire and Ember as well...I'm really proud of myself for staying almost caught up with it, haha. Even after that fabric desaster! Lots of memories.
It really is hot here, but not as hot as some areas of the US get. But we don't get a lot of air conditioning around here, so hot really does mean hot, even inside and at night!

Carol said...

Lots of great stitching this month! Congratulations on your beer bottle finish :) And that blue and white ornament is especially pretty :)