Friday 31 August 2018

August WIPocalypse

One SAL is still missing to make my monthly duties complete, and that's the super awesome WIPocalypse :D I have to tell you, as fun as traveling around and meeting friends was, it feels good to be home and get stuff done again.

So to start this off, the question of the month is Which is more satisfying to you and why – the process of stitching a piece, or the finish? 
This one is kind of heart...I think I enjoy every part of the progress. I enjoy the planning, that feeling of putting the first stitches into a blank fabric, and I really love the feeling of getting something done...but you can't do something as time consuming as stitching, putting dozens, sometimes hundreds of hours into a project, if you're only after the finish. Sometimes I don't enjoy the last 5-10% of a project as much, since around that point I start to yearn for a finish and new start, but in general, I enjoy all of it almost equally - if anything, it depends on the project, and whether I'm stitching it just for the fun of it or with a specific goal/deadline in mind.

1) Fire and Ember SAL

I finished page 24, so only three more pages left to go! I think this one will need a good wash and iron before can really see some marks from the frame now, and the fabric isn't that clean anymore either after two years of constant handling.

2) The Puppeteer

Row finish, woo! Three rows/21 pages of black done on this lovely guy. With all my traveling, I'm a fair bit behind on my daily stitching on this one, but that was to be expected. I should be caught up again soon.

5) The Mermaid

Same picture as for the Gifted Gorgeousness since I didn't get to touch it for the second half of the month...but that should change soon. I didn't quite reach my goal - no Marlitt has been added to the border - but my goal for September is to finish that and then stitch the small rock to the left.

8) Viajante

I actually added a few rows to this, even since my start-of-August update, but it's kind of boring to show it again and again since it just doesn't look a lot different and I only get frustrated because the colours won't photograph properly! But I'm on it and hope to make some more progress during fall.

16) Ornaments of the Month

I just showed you this, but here it is again - the August ornament. One more month (and a few left out ornaments) left to go, and with more free weekends, I hope there will be some more finish-finishing again soon, as well.

August was a slower month, but I knew that would happen, and I'm still content with my progress...still, I'm looking forward to cooler days and lots of lengthy crafty sessions - as much as the wedding preperations will let me ;)


Sheryl said...

You really do stitch on some amazing projects, the fire and ember piece is terrific, I couldn´t work on such colours. Just stitching on something is satisfying to me and seeing the design grow - have to have something in my hands while watching tv too.

Pamela said...

Nice progress on your projects. You have so many beautiful ornaments.

Carol said...

I feel the same way about traveling! There really is no place like home :)

You have so many beautiful big projects in the works--and I love your little August ornament, too :)

Susan said...

WOW! I get wrapped up in things other than blog reading for a while and you go full steam forward with your stitching. Page finishes and great progress. I do know what you mean about that last 5% to 10%, I get so bogged down because my brain is busy planning my next project.

rosey175 said...

August is a slow month for a lot of people it seems! It will be nice to give Ember a bath. I like(?!) washing pieces because it makes the colors and work all pop out!

Brigitte said...

Guter Fortschritt bei deinen Projekten. Die Drachen kommen langsam immer mehr zum Vorschein, toll werden die. Und auch das TW Projekt ist ein gutes Stück vorangekommen. Die stickt man ja nicht so schnell.
Ich mag am liebsten das Sticken selbst, wenn ich mich auf meinem Stickplatz niederlassen kann und einfach da weiterschicken kann, wo ich tags zuvor aufgehört habe. Und dann liebe ich auch, etwas neu anzufangen, die ersten Kreuzchen auf einem Stück Stoff.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fire & Ember does look awesome! I really hope that you don't lose interest for the final stages!