Dienstag, 23. Januar 2018

January IHSW

For the first time in what feels like forever, I conciously participated in the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, newly hosted by Jo in a facebook group with lots of lovely members. Felix was at his parents and I had to stay home because of grandma - but I had Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening AND all of Sunday (Mum took over the grandparents duties for that day while I had Saturday) for myself. I spent some of that gaming, but also a lot of stitching happend, and even a long overdue hangout/facebook video chat with all our girls. Which means, and this is very exciting, I can finally show you something I've made almost a year ago!
Back then, one of us (I think it was Krystal) discovered those cool dragon scale wrist warmers and commented that all of us totally need these. And Carla and I secretly started to hatch a plan to make that come true - we picked matching yarn in everyones favourite colours and decided that each of us should crochet three pairs. Mine were done pretty soon, but Carla had a busy year with moving over half of the US and job search and health challenges and also some good stuff, so she only got them done around Christmas. So we finally got to mail them and then, with all of us in the voice/video chat, we all opened them at  the same time, and it was great to see how everyone liked theirs! Funnily enough, I think Carla's are much better made then the ones I made, but she thinks the same about mine.

So here they are - the ones I made were for Krystal, Nancy and Carla:

And these are the ones Carla made for me:

Aren't they pretty?

Of course, I also did some new stitching over the weekend. I started page 17 of Fire and Ember and finished the first 3 colours, which is a majority of the page covered already, I think:

And then I also did a little knitting while visiting grandma...but I kept making mistakes and miscounting, so it's really just a tiny restart. I do prefer it to what I had before, though!


  1. So cool! That was a great idea, and all the colours look so amazing on the mitts. Nice progress on Fire and I feel you on the restart. My current one took me a couple tries. :)

  2. Oh I love those. How cool! Great progress on your WIP.

  3. Those fingerless mittens are adorable, I need a pair of those! Have you got a link to the pattern than I can get someone to make me a pair? Love the colour scheme in your ones.

  4. Tolle Idee, diese fingerlosen Handschuhe. Und die sehen so cool aus mit den Drachenschuppen. Gibt es eigentlich in deutsches Wort für wrist warmers?

  5. What fun! They all look great - love the colors and the "scales".

  6. What a lovely idea and way to exchange gifts - I love the colours Carla has used for your mittens x

  7. The hand warmers all look great and I love the colors in all of them. Yours are very dragony colored. Very nice progress on Fire - do wish I could stitch mine that fast.

    1. Thank you! I do love all of these colours a lot.
      The pages on Fire and Ember are just 1/4 of a HAED page each, so it's really not THAT fast!

  8. Oh wow, they all look amazing! Another reason I really need to learn how to crochet!

  9. Oh, the dragon scale wrist warmers look amazing, definitely a pattern to remember (just in case I can get myself to start knitting again) =) Especially the color changing yarn looks great =)

  10. Great stitching progress! The gloves are lovely.