Samstag, 6. Januar 2018

December WIPocalypse

I know, I know, it is not December anymore...but since December went by so fast (due to my trip to Melbourne, desperatly trying to get prepared for Christmas, and spending a week with Felix' lovable, but chaotic family) I am still not quite done planning and preparing for 2018! I should be caught up by the end of January though, since I am absolutely determined to not make any big plans before the winter (and the persistent cold I brought back from Australia) are gone.

So...trying to write this post, I realized I had to update my finishes page, and of course that meant I also had to update my projects on deviantArt and ravelry, but I got that out of the way and we are good to go!

Before I get into taking numbers, I have one last 2017 update to share: I finished my December page on Fire and Ember. For the end of the year, I also took a nice total shot to see where I am: 10 pages to go!

I feel like I've been doing a lot of crafting last year; but with some long term projects I have going on, I didn't really get a lot of finishes. I have plans to do better this year!
My finishes total is 20. Of these 20, 12 were cross stitch, but only one of these was medium size, all the others were smalls. Of the remaining 8, 5 were crochet (3 of them large-ish) and 3 were knitting.

I'm not mad at myself for what I got done, but I really think I can do better in 2018! The two positive things about my finishes this year though: I got a lot of smalls done, which I really enjoyed, and I am very proud to say that all of my finishes were also finish-finished! One was framed, and then there were two biscornu, one postcard, six ornaments of different types and two other finishes.

I'll be back shortly with my plans for 2018, and also the first stitching of the year.


  1. Great progress on Fire and Ember. Given all the things you have going on, you amaze me with all the pieces you finish. And as you said, not just finish but finish-finish. Looking forward to seeing your projects in 2018.

    1. Thank you. It often feels like I'm not getting done much at all, but lining everything up at the end of a month or even year, sometimes I'm amazed myself.

  2. Fire and Ember looks wonderful. I think you’ve done super with your finishes.

  3. What beautiful work and progress on this project!! Just keep stitching :)

  4. Beautiful progress. Congrats on your finishes in 2017!

  5. Great work on Fire & Ember and congratulations on all the fully-finishing too!