Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

Zodiac SAL - Scorpio

So before the month it's over, it's time for the Scorpio-installment of Jo's wonderful Zodiac SAL! I was really aiming to get this up earlier this month and here I am, sneaking in at the very last minute. Oh, well...

This month, I have again prepared three small finishes for this. First one is a disney princess fob - this month I made a little biscornu, and the princess my friend picked for Scorpio is Snow White! I'm working on the big version of hers as well so this was extra fun to make. So looking at some of the supposed character traits of Scorpios - reserved personality, a tendency to gather cultlike followings - I think she's a good choice too.

Do you see all that sparkly? Between this ornament and Jasmine from last month, I used almost a whole spool of Kreinik! Sooo worth it, though.

I also had to new birthstone ornaments to stitch for November. I already had the front of Citrine, so I added a backside, and then I had to stitch up both sides of Yellow Topaz (I sooo adore those spirograph-style stitches - so much fun!) and then I finished both into ornaments the same way I did with last month's two.

December has not just two, but three birthstone ornaments...with how busy this month tends to be (plus, a ten day mostly-business trip to Melbourne I have coming up) I don't know how much of that I'm going to get done, but I will certainly try!


  1. Oh ja, ein schöner post für den Zodiac SAL. Ein Biscornu mit viel Glitzer und Bling, ist ganz toll geworden. Und die zwei neuen Ornamente sehen ebenfalls super aus. Sehr gelungen.

  2. Gorgeous finishes! Great biscornu - I love the sparkles.

  3. Beautiful finishes. I am a sparkly/bling stitcher so these are right up my alley

  4. Thanks for taking part in the Zodiac SAL. I love these little ornies. I also loved Spirograph as a child. My Mum recently gave me my old set as she was clearing out a cupboard!

  5. Beautiful finishes! Thanks for sharing.

  6. What beautiful ornaments. Those Spirograph stitches look like fun!