Mittwoch, 1. November 2017

October WIPocalypse

It's been a while since I posted about what I've been working on aside from the Zodiac SAL projects, so WIPocalypse is just the occasion to catch up on everything!

But first, the question of the month: How did you begin stitching?

We did a little needlework in elementary school and I liked it, so I kept pestering my grandma until she bought me first a little stamped bread cloth and than my first supplies and kits for counted cross stitch. It didn't take a lot of pestering though, she's always been very supportive of my crafty endevours :D 

So...I mostly worked on my usual. Putting two more weeks worth of stitching into Snow White:

Finishing the October page on Fire and Ember - which was also a row finish, so I took a picture of the whole thing, and for once managed to both get a clear picture and colours that are close to reality!

I also had another 'page finish' on The Puppeteer

And then last weekend, since I had already finished the current page on Fire and Ember, I pulled out Kitsune for the first time in a while and finished the border across one page and then an entire column as well:

It was fun to work on her again, hopefully I can get this page finished soon :)

So that's about it...I'm having a bit of a finishing bug lately, and I'm slowly working my way through my lists and boxes of stuff to do. Most of it is just sewing lose ends in, but maybe I'll have something more fun to show soon as well.


  1. Beautiful progress on everything.

  2. Nice progress! You've done quite a lot this month.

  3. You have been so productive! Great progress on all your lovely projects.

  4. Everything looks great. I wish I could get into a finishing mode - I have so much in boxes and drawers that needs to be turned into something.

  5. Lovely progress - you have been very productive! x

  6. It's been fun reading about how everyone started stitching, so many Grandmas were involved!
    Great progress on all your BAPs this month!

  7. Das stimmt, was Jo geschrieben hat - das liest man so oft. Die Großmütter waren es :)
    Meine Großmutter hat "nur" genäht und ich habe es ihr nachgetan, aber erst viele Jahre später. Denn der Handarbeitsunterricht n der Schule war so gruselig, dass ich erst mal von Handarbeiten nichts mehr wissen wollte.

  8. It's nice to see a full shot of Fire and Ember, it loos so amazing and the colors are so vibrant =) Lovely work on all your projects =)

  9. A lot of projects to be working on, the black stitching must be difficult. good progress.