Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

The dragon and the kittycat

This time, the title sounds a little like a children's fact, I am sure it would be an awesome book if a dragon and a cat were the protagonists! Nevertheless, what I am actually talking about is my weekendstitching, and that was yet again two projects. My main focus was, as usual, the Fire and Ember SAL. I did not get a whole lot done - Felix had to work Saturday, so I was doing other things than our usual 'Netflix and Stitch' routine, and Sunday we went to my grandparents to celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary - but I did make some progress after all. I really enjoy filling those scales in, they are turning out so lovely!

And then I was also doing a little stitching on my Halloween Cat - I have not given up on her yet! Over the weekend, I stitched the left kitten, but I forgot to take a picture, so now you will see the kiten plus a bit of the pumpkin I am working on this week.


  1. You've made great progress on both projects. The Halloween project is very cute.

  2. Great book title! Nice progress too. I am still debating on starting a Dragon group on FB! Maybe once Dark October is done.

  3. Beide Teile sehen toll aus. Das Rot in den Schuppen hat eine immense Wirkung, finde ich. Und süß, das kleine Kätzchen, das da hinter dem Kürbis hervorschaut.

  4. Lovely work n both projects =) The pumpkin looks really funny :D

  5. Great progress. I agree on the dragon scales. If you ever get around to writing the book, I'll buy a copy :-). Love the Halloween piece.

    1. Thank you. I'll have to try think up a story, then!

  6. Really great progress - is the material for your kittycat piece sparkly? I look forward to your dragon and kittycat story ;-) x