Wednesday 3 September 2014

Progress on every front!

It's not quite a week since my last update, but tomorrow Felix and I will leave for some kind of weekend camping thingy (if the weather descides to play along, which we sincerely hope), so I'll have to show you my newst progress today :D

Last time I was afraid the motivation for Angel of Frost would leave me and that big chunk of wing ahead would considerably slow me I'm here to tell you, that was not the case at all! In fact, the contrary was true: Just look at that marvelous, marvelous wing, I'm totally in love with it.

To be honest, at first it was quite intimidating, and the first two days or so of stitching it felt ever so slow...but than I managed to cast away that thought of neatly finishing one area before moving on and just picked a symbol that made a few appearances in the area I was stitching, than worked that color as far as I could, and suddenly, the wing started to grow, both on me and on the fabric! Not much more to go and I'll be able to start on tha trees there.

The bad news is, I ran out of needles again, so I ordered about 30 more...good news is, once this angel is finished I don't think I'll have to buy any more needles for at least a few years ^.~

There was actually something else as well that helped pull me through the difficult part on the wing - and that was a new start: Frosted Pumpin Stitchery's Halloween Town Club. I have been receiving the clues for this for three months now, the material was sitting ready in my stash, I just needed to start it, and so I did - for several reasons. One was, as I mentioned, the upcreeping frustration with my angel, the second that I'd really like to finish this in time for Halloween, and the third, well - as pathetic as it sounds, but I was really sad when I read that a stitcher whose blog I used to follow has passed away last week, and since she always had a few dozen WIPs on the go it just felt right to start something new in her honor as well.

Despite the sad occasion, I'm already in love with this projects - it uses little more than 10 colors, so it's an easy stitch and going rather quickly, and the design ist just so cute and lovely. It also has some hand dyed threads with really subtle color changes and, most importantly, sparkly fabric! I've only done a little bit now (due to the reawoken motivation for angel wings) as you can see, but I'll take this one with me for the weekend (instead of my GoT bookmars, those can wait a little longer), and hopefully I'll be able to show you much more once I return!

Also, some knitting has happend - I finished the second wristwarmer, or at least I finished the knitting part - I still need to sew it together, but I wanted to show you guys what it looks like before that last step (or that's what I like to say, really I was just to lazy to sew it together yet). I also startet the scarf to go with it, and that's another project I'm going to take with me for the weekend, campfire knitting sounds really cozy to my ears ^_^

Of course there are other things to tell again this week - in fact, there are a lot of those! I finished another game, which is not to spectacular (it was PlayStation Vita Pets which a friend had lend me, it's really cute and fun and everything, but clearly aimed a younger audience, so for me it was mostly a quick platinum), and, more importantly, I finished a book (I've become to lazy with reading when finishing a book actually becomes a big deal...). It was another one of the Zamonia novels by Walter Moers, The City of Dreaming Books, and I loved this one as well; it the story of Optimus Yarnspinner who ventures into the book-loving city of Bookholm in search of a mysterious author and gets lost in an adventure or two. I already got the sequel here right next to me, and I'll start as soon as I'm back home ^_^

As for watching, Felix and I continued with Breaking Bad, S2 E5-9. I still enjoy the story, but Walt is starting to be a serious pain in my neck, really, right now he's about the least likable protagonist I've ever met. I really hope he'll get his act together eventually. We also watched Chicken Run, one of thoe modelling clay movies like Wallace & Gromit, but witch chickens. Felix had never seen it before, and I had seen it once and liked it, and we both enjoyed it quite a bit. What we enjoyed even more was Meet Joe Black, we both didn't know a lot about the movie before we started it, but we were both pleasantly suprised.

I also finished watching Haven, Season 3, that is, Season 4 is not avaiable yet. I really enjoyed it, though it ends with a massive cliffhanger, maybe I should get Netflix because they have the next Season already - but for now, I'll need to decide on another show to watch next, let's see, there's so much to choose from...


Suz said...

I can't believe how fast you are stitching Angel of Frost!

Congrats on the other beautiful work, too!

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

The Angel is so incredibly beautiful! You will have that done in no time. I don't think I need to tell you how much I love Halloween patterns, so watching your side project with be just as much fun as Angel!

Hurrah for knitting the second wrist warmer! I too am sad that Debbie has passed, but Dr. Dolphin is going to do a 15 Projects in January thing in honor of her passing and I might have to do that with her. She isn't making it a "thing" just doing it to honor Debbie's memory. <3

Leonore Winterer said...

Thank you! I can hardly believe it myself :D

Leonore Winterer said...

Well I hope so, there are so many other fun projects to do after all (plus the Christmas deadline, don't forget the deadline...). Side project is coming along nicely right now, I might have to shoot some questions at you concerning the finishing in the end ^_^

Who's Dr. Dolphin? Sounds like something I might have to join in on as well...