Friday 12 September 2014

September WIPocalypse

Yeah, I know, I'm a little late for posting once again...but thankfully, WIPocalypse isn't that strict with it's dates, and if I had posted on the 9th I would have had bearly anything to show of! Also, I like to post on fridays, with a whole glorious weekend of stitching ahead ^_^

So this month's topic is Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself? That's actually quite an easy question for me - I hardly keep any of my stitching to myself, in fact, most of the projects I have done worked somewhere around Seeing a pattern/kit, thinking of a person it would be perfect for, giving it to them! It might be different now that I'll have a place of my own to actually hang stuff, but I guess I'll still continue enjoying giving stuff away, My favourite person to stitch for is, without doubt, my grandma - she's the one that got me into all kinds of crafts in the first place, and also one of the most appreciative people I know because she full well realizes how much time and effort it takes. My boyfriend is slowly catching up on that front because he sees my stiching in real time usually, but for him it has to be something 'useful' to actually make him happy (like that shirt I stitched for his birthday), so for now, grandma remains #1, even though I really enjoy stitching for everyone else as well, as long as they're happy about what they get.

In fact, the main project I'm working on right now is supposed to be a christmas present for my grandma (although I'm starting to doubt that it'll be done in time, so maybe...birthday present instead?), and it's Angel of Frost by Teresa Wentzler.

Progress has been rather slow this week as I didn't have a chance to work on it Wednesday to Sunday, but since Monday I was at least able to finish the wing-section on this page and start on the trees in the lower left - the greens are a nice change after working only wing for some time, and they are coming along nicely. I'm really starting to look forward to the other half of the design, however, as there will be a lot of actual angel to stitch there!

The main reason for not stitching this past weekend is that Felix and I went on a camping trip/outdoor party with a few friends. It was really nice, quite some time to sit in the grass or by the fire, relaxing, talking, and stitching! Of course I didn't take Angel of Frost with me (she's not really portable with more than sixty threaded needles and stuff), but instead, I took my new side projekt, Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Halloween Town Club.

After finishing the bit I was working on last week - fence and pumpkins and scarecrow - I showed the pattern to Felix and asked him what direction I should tackle next, and he decided on the bakery to the left which is actually clue 3 - but when he takes an actual interest in my work for once, who am I to deny his wish! So bakery it was, although it's not quite finished yet. I really enjoy working on this design, especially the Week Dye Works and Gentle Art overdyed Floss is really fun to stitch with - I think I will need to do a lot more designs that require that kind of floss! I really adore the bubblegum (pink) one, but it's used very sparingly so far - which is kinda sad but means, on the other hand, that I will have quite a bit left over to play with later! (Providing it won't be used heavyly in the final clue, which I kinda hope for).

Given that we were away for the weekend, watching was considerably slower as well - Felix wanted to watch Hancock with me, which I found to be a fairly decent movie, although it kinda raises more questions than it answers, and I got him to start a new show with me (we really should finish either Viking or Breaking Bad first, but they are bot a bit...heavy to watch in the evenings, I think. They are both awesome, but kinda pull my mood down.) and he chose Supernatural which he had seen the occasional episode on TV of and I didn't know anything about yet - as we've only started yesterday we've only seen two episodes so far, but those were really enjoyable and I think we shall see quite a bit more over the weekend. For myself, I chose something lighthearted to watch at the moment, and startet New Girl (which is even avaiable OV on prime, hooray!) and watched the first 15 episodes so far. I think as sitcomes go, it's a little more serious than HIMYM or BBT, but still fun, and I guess I'll go through the two seasons avaiable rather quickly ^_^

Now for the next week, I will mostly be at home, and with the weather turning more autmn-y every day I guess stitching will be done, a lot of stitching. I have to admit that I kinda hope that the fall weather will bringt back other people in the mood for stitching as well, it has been a little quiet in my blog-world over the summer and I miss seeing everyones beautiful progress! (I am, of course, happy for everyone having fun outside, don't take this to seriously please :x)


Brenda A said...

Everything is coming along so nicely!!! Hope you had a nice weekend with friends. :)

katjakay said...

That angel is so amazing, and I get the "need by Christmas" problem, the GOT bookmarks are patiently waiting for this Christmas as the last one passed them by.
As a mad, crazy Supernatural fan I have to tell you that the show is awesome, but also warn you that it will rip your heart out and stomp on it.

Leonore Winterer said...

I sure had, the weather was lovely and we had loads of fun ^_^

Leonore Winterer said...

Thank you, and you're right, of course, there's always net Christmas to think about ^_^

I kinda think I'd be fine having my heart ripped out if it's by these guys, I'm really curious to see what will happen with them!

Mountain Ash said...

Your Angel is coming on really nicely and I am looking forward to seeing her face - your Grandma is one lucky lady! The Halloween piece just makes me smile :-)

Leonore Winterer said...

Her face will be a whole new challenge as it's stitched over one, I'm really cursious how that will turn out as well. And my grandma deserves it, I am one lucky girl as well to have her! ^_^

Anonymous said...

>_< I missed your last two posts! There has got to be a glitch where I am not getting ALL updates or something. You're so far with the angel stitch! I know you said you hadn't, but because I'm slow to pick up I think it's a whole lot. Looking very grand ^_^. Cooler weather + staying indoors = much stitching progress haha.

Leonore Winterer said...

Yeah, that things happen, sadly :/ I'm reading all of you updates, but I'm often to lazy to comment, sorry for that D:

I love autumn stitchy times, I hope I can show you much more angel soon because of that ^_^