Freitag, 7. März 2014

Back at home

So...after spending four lovely days in Oldenburg (which is in the very north of Germany, but still suth enough so one doesn't get to see the sea - it's a pretty little town not unlike my home town, but everything is flat, 50 meters above sea level is considered a mountain, and it's windy all the time. Nice for a few days, but I wouldn't want to live there.) where I took part in a project meeting for university. I did manage to get a little stitching in on both the train ride and the one free day we had, but that will have to wait a little - first, I need to tell you about the most awesome hotel room Felix and I got!

We got in on the meeting rather late, and when we called the hotel for a room they said they only had a 'higher class one' left. As it was still well within the budget our university pays for such stays, we said okay,only to learn that 'it might be a themed room as well', but they didn't know yet. As the hotel offers anything from a 'Mini'-room with half a Mini Cooper sticking out of the wall to a 'Vinyl'-room all covered in LPs, we braced ourselves for quite a suprise. This was the first thing we saw when entering the room:

Turned out we had scored ourselves a beautiful Sweden themed room, complete with a sauna and a bucket for ice-cold water in the shower, stylish stone floor and a very...rustical looking, but fully functional bathroom. I had never used a sauna before to be honest, but I took quite a liking of this one.

We also discovered that there was an additional level above the bed - it took as little while to find the ladder, and then it was rather disappointing, though I guess we could have housed a third person up there if we wanted to - one that wasn't afraif of heigths or falling at least...

Oh, and we mustn't forget about Bob, of course. Meet Bob - Hi Bob!

And before you ask, why yes, we WERE there to work, and work we did - but it might have been one of the most fun work trips I'll ever make :D


  1. That looks like such fun, I'd love to stay there

    1. I understand that, but if you ever come to Germany and stay in Oldenburg I'll be cross with you, it's way to far from where I live :D

  2. Hi Bob!!! ^_^ Looks like a fun hotel room.

  3. How cute is that? I'm so glad you had fun :D