Tuesday 23 April 2024

April Gifted Gorgeousness

Here we go for the April installment of Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness - as you might be able to tell, I'm getting caught up, with the distance between link up dates and my actual posting getting slightly shorter, haha.

I'm still working on my granny square baby blanket - getting a little antsy to get this one done as I have so many other babies I should start crafting for, but most of the things I'm planning to make should still be welcome once the litle ones are a couple months old, so as long as I can finish everything this year I should be fine.

For this month, I finished the last of the squares, wove in all the ends, and started joining them. I spent some time finding a pleasing layout, trying to create a bit of a colour gradient. I've now assembled the squares into three long stripes, so I can move them without using the layout, but they still need a ton more joins to make an actual blanket!

I've also had a new vacation start - I project I've been meaning to start for a while, as the yarn was a Christmas gift from my husband. But actually starting required casting on 509 stitches and that just seemed too daunting a task! Perfect to tackle when I had some more time, though, so I did and got the first 10 rows or so in. It's going to be a massive shawl, called Blanket to Go because that's basically what it is, but right now it looks like some green worm of sorts:

It's not all green, though - I did a little colour swatch before I started, to demonstrate the gradient I'm planning:

Probably going to take me a while for sheer size, but I'm looking forward to getting all the colours in there!


Pamela said...

Both are very pretty. The baby’s parents will be so pleased with this gift!

Carol said...

Your baby blanket is looking great, Leonore--love the pattern you created with the different colors. And your new shawl sounds like quite a project to take on. Best of luck--I love the color gradient so far and look forward to watching it grow. ♥

Toki said...

Hi Leonore. A baby wrapped in your lovely blanket is happy.
Looks like you've started another big project.
I look forward to progress reports.🙋
Happy stitch.😊

jocondine said...

I love your blanket, will be nice and warm. xxx