Friday 22 October 2021

Fans of the Far East - 10th Rotation

In between working on more pressing gifts (ones that need to be done by Christmas and not by March), I'm still finding time to work on Fans of the Far East. This is a project that keeps on giving, because just when I thought I might start to lose interest, first I get excited about almost finishing the border (see my last post on this), and then I start working on the last of the fans which has a whole new colour scheme, and I fell in love all over again.

Just look at these soft cream colours of the flowers (not quite sure what they are yet - almonds, maybe?), contrasted with the rich, dark blue, and then the branches and leaves...can't wait to get back to this!


diamondc said...

Leonore: This is a beautiful design, I can see why you get excited.


Pamela said...

This is so gorgeous!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is a lovely design and I like the way each part is so different but coordinates with the others so well.

Carol said...

This is growing more and more beautiful, Leonore--and not losing interest is a sure sign of what will be an excellent finish!