Tuesday 23 April 2019

April IHSW

Last weekend was IHSW, and also Easter, which meant a four day weekend for me - and I was determined to make the best of it! So some serious stitching happened (also I was not totally hermitting, we also visited my grandparents and some friends, went for a walk, cooked and some gaming was in there, too.)

So I had two main projects I was working on - one was Whacky Witches, which fit in great with this weeks Magical Stiching homework. So great actually that I finished the lower right panel and therefore the complete lower row - I got to scroll up and next month I'll start on the top row!

This weekend was also Magicals Spring Mystery SAL - I finished the two prestitches before the weekend, and Friday noon was go time! One part came out every four hours, and even though I only stayed up to date during Friday, by Monday evening I was almost caught up - just two parts (plus the backside) left to go! Isn't it pretty with all those nice pastels?

And lastely, I also through a couple of stitches (or rather beads) into the Flower Trellis, since it fit in with another one of the Magical Stitches challenges. Before I did that, I spent some time sorting my beads into that pretty bead case I got for a mere 100 Yen (~0,80€) in Japan. So much easier to work on it now!


Pamela said...

Great progress! Aren't the 100 yen stores great?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a great weekend! The Witches are looking wonderful.
Magical's design is perfect for Spring and the beading is so pretty too.

Rachel said...

Well done on now being able to move to the top row of Wacky Witches. The Spring SAL is lovely too, and the bead box was definitely a good find. That should make working with the beads easier. :)