Monday 22 April 2019

April Gifted Gorgeousness

So I have officially given up on April 'Finish it in' and 'Fully Finished Gallery' (I'll just have to put on double the effort in May), but I will participate in Gifted Gorgeousness! I do not really have any gift-crafting to show (I already showed you Ambarussa, and I didn't really work on the Mermaid and Crocodile lately), so I am going to show you the stash I got with my birthday money from last month!

Of course I had to do some shopping in Japan - various embroidery and other craft kits, especially beading. Also a few news things to try - basket weaving, needle felting and those cool thread covered balls. I wonder when I will ever find the time! The second picture just has a few things from a stationary shop - a stamp and origami paper - that I forgot to include in the first picture.

I also ordered some stuff from Lakeside that waited for me when I got home. My mum is turning 60 next year, and I'm planning to stitch Mirabillia's Lady Justice for her. I ordered the pattern, fabric, beads, Kreinik and the DMC that will be used most:

Oh an then I actually have some stitching to show since I started a little Sashiko kit from my Japan haul - a technique I'd never tried before, but it's fun and surprisingly quick. I think I'll do more of it in the future!

Edit: I just remember, there are two things I can finally show you! Literally YEARS ago I had promised Pamela to knit her some socks. I started them pretty soon, but it took me until last November to finally finish them. I made a pair of frist warmers from the left over yarn, too (a really lovely yarn, by the way;  a Silk Color Sock Yarn by OnLine yarns which is wonderful to touch and work with due to the silk content). Since I knew I was traveling to Japan this March, and wanted to meet her there, I decided it could wait a little longer and gave them to her in person. I think she liked them!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Always nice to get haul! Lady Justice is a lovely design, I am sure your Mum will appreciate it as much as we enjoy following your progress. That's GG sorted for the next few months!

Rachel said...

You have bought some lovely stash with your birthday money. I hope it's not too long before we see some of them appear as new starts! :)