Tuesday 9 October 2018

September WIPocalypse

Hello, my lovelies! Apologies for being so late with this update (or any update, really) but the pre- and post-wedding stress was holding me firmely in its claws. Today, I have at last a glorious free day (still off work, but no more organizing to do!) to get caught up with my life a little, so it's time for the WIPocalypse too!

The question of the month was How do you keep your stitching stash organized? and I think the honest answer would be 'Just barely'...but if you want details, here we go:

Almost all of my stash is living in my beloved Kallax shelf from Ikea (please excuse the chaos...as I said, post-wedding-stress!). You can see my DMC boxes and two shelves of books and patterns, the red drawers hold beads and specialty threads, the blue ones miscellaneous knitting, crochet and sewing supplies. I have one box of back-up threads, one box of WIPs, one box of stitching fabric, two boxes of yarn, one box of kitted up cross stitch projects and two boxes of mixed stash that I really need to get sorted out. That x-shaped shelf is supposed to be for wine bottles, but now some of my crochet and knitting WIPs live there. One box has sewing fabrics, and then there are some mixed craft supplies and non crafty stuff on some of the other shelves. I think I'll need to do some form of destashing soon, I really don't have any more room!

1) Fire and Ember SAL

Somehow I managed a page finish amongst all the busy-ness, so only two more to go! I'm hoping for a finish in early November.

2) The Puppeteer

I've been doing some catching up and while I'm not quite therem I made some nice progress and actually had a page finish! I love these shots of the whole project...

5) The Mermaid

I added two more colours to the border (one was only used in the corner blocks, so not a lot of stitching there) and started on the sea. More lovely blues and grays, so much fun!

16) Ornaments of the Month

I finish-finish the already stitched up Blue Topaz ornament from December, and stitched back to September Sapphire, which I finish-finished too!


Pamela said...

Congratulations! Glad to see you back, but I understand about the stress. Wonderful progress on so many things!

D1-D2 said...

You're pretty organized. At least everything is in one place. I have things a little everywhere in my room.

Bethan said...

I love the organisation of your stash. The Kallax shelves are amazing, although I find the baskets hold a lot more than you realise! Keep going with the pre-post- stress; it's all worth it on the day. Just remember to let go and let it all happen on the day :) x

Astrids dragon said...

How was the wedding?! I hope you have forever memories to treasure always!
You have a great storage system, lots of stash. Sometimes I find that moving stuff around and combining things gives me more room... for more stash!
Wow, I can't wait to see Fire and Ember finished, it looks amazing.
Nice progress on Puppeteer and Mermaid, and your finishes look great.

Carol said...

Hope the wedding stress is winding down and your life can get back to normal soon, Leonore! Your Fire and Ember piece is truly a work of art--wow!! And your little blue and white finish is so sweet--my favorite color combination!

Enjoy your weekend and your de-stressing :)

rosey175 said...

Only two boxes of yarn! How do you live with yourself! I think post-wedding stress relief means it's okay to have some more. :D IKEA is pretty awesome for storage ideas though!

Sheryl said...

Gosh your stash is more organised than mine, at least yours is all in the same room, mine is stored (hidden)in drawers and cupboards in various rooms. Wonderful work on your embroidery, Fire and Ember nearly finished and that mermaid piece is so pretty. Love the blue topaz ornament.