Montag, 12. März 2018

March Madness

After stitching little more than bottles in February, I now have a million plans for March, and so far it is going quite well. If I can get done only half of what I'm oping for, I shall be content. For now, I have two things I want to show you - there are two or three more, but those fit in with GIfted Gorgeousness, which is only a few days away now.

As I said, my main focus this month is to catch up - if not fully, then at least a bit - on Snow White, which was stuck at Dec 24th (of my 'one length of thread a day' regimen).  I've been working on her for a little over a week now, catching up about three weeks worth of stitching in the process. I finished the sleeve-thingy on the left, and also the next shade of yellow in her skirt. Next I will work on her bodice for a bit, before starting onto the next layer of yellow.

I also took a day or two to finally finish my Arke shawl: I only had the last part/pattern of six left to do, and since my yarn was running low, I only did one repeat (of six) before starting on the border. I finished with less than 1g of yarn left. Phew!


  1. Great progress on Snow White and the shawl is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful shawl Leonore. Nice progress on Snow White.


  3. Smoking needles to catch up three week's of stitching in one! The shawl is very pretty - I keep telling myself that I will pick up the knitting needles again someday.

  4. Da hast du aber Glück gehabt, dass das Garn gerade so gereicht hat für das Tuch. Sieht toll aus, sowohl die Farbe als auch das Muster.
    Und auch Schneewittchen ist um einiges gewachsen. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass es ein tolles Gefühl war, mal wieder etwas anderes zu sticken als Flaschen. Meist geht es mir auch so und dann muss ich einfach das Projekt wechseln.

  5. I love how blue your shawl is! x

  6. I'm glad you were able to continue with Snow White.
    I love your shawl, such a beautiful colour!