Monday 19 March 2018

March Gifted Gorgeousness

I know I am far behind with almost everything (actually, my crafting is going pretty well, it's just the posting I'm not up to date with), which is mostly due to being distracted, busy, and currently on the last segment of a three legged trip (almost two weeks with one day at home in between - and I only learned on Thursday that I'd by gone for five days starting today). So instead of posting my GG update in time and packing for a three day weekend trip, I spent the evening packing for eight days and not posting. Phew - that's not what I wanted when I was talking about March madness, not at all!

Anyways, I've been working on a few gift projects since the last time that we talked, so here we go.

First, here is a little something I finished in the beginning of February - I thought I had shown you, but looking back, it turns out I haven't! These are the Valentine's Cats I stitched for Jo's Valentine's blog hop this year. They are from Cross Stitch Collection #232, the same series I stitched two adorable birdies from last year.

Next, I finished the headband I had been knitting. This may look unfinished, but is actually how far I went with it - the lady I made it for is a sewer herself and does a bit of crochet as well, and she asked to get it like that so she could play around with different ways of finish-finishing it. She hast yet to show me the end result!

Last but certainly not least, I have finished the third page of 99, which brings me officially past the half way point (51 bottles done, 48 left to go). I've put it away for a bit now, but will pull it out again shortly.


Susan said...

VERY nice, as usual. Terrible travel schedule. Being as I'm closer to ending my career than starting, I finally put my foot down about that kind of thing and they're much better about giving me decent notice. Hope the trips are going/went well.

Pamela said...

Great progress on the beer bottles! Enjoy your travels.

Brigitte said...

Die Vögelchen schauen so niedlich aus. Und das Flaschenprojekt ist ja wirklich ganz toll vorangekommen. Schon mehr als die Hälfte, da wird es ja kein Problem sein, das Projekt rechtzeitig zu schaffen. Im Gegenteil.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this month despite your jet setting!
Six months after I left work the woman who replaced me got a trip to Monaco. Most unfair!
Lovely to see the cats again and great work on 99 too.

Bethan said...

Great progress, even with all your travels! 99 is looking really great! x

Astrids dragon said...

Awe, the kitties are so cute! I like the colour of your headband, nice and bright. 48 beers to go, yay!