Sonntag, 12. März 2017

Better late then never...

...I'm not just talking about another long overdue progress update, but also about a WIP that needs to be finished soon and that I see no chance finishing in time now that I picked it up again after way too long a break. In my defense (although it's a weak defense for getting distracted like I get all the time!) it's for a friend of Felix' and I didn't think we'd actually get to see her until about a month after her birthday, and now we are going to her party after all so I guess I just won't be ready. So now that I got you all thorougly confused, let me show you what I'm talking about:

Do you recognize it? It's the mermaid tail blanked I started back in January! Last weekend when we were visiting Felix' parents, I left my stitching at home and only took the blanket and a ton of yarn and I made some serious progress. I finished the fins (don't worry, they'll get folded and sewn together to look better in the end) and made a total progress of almost ten skeins now (I ordered 30, we'll see if that's enough), so I'm at least confident I can get it done until our 'about a month after the birthday' meeting.

I also started the next page of the Fire and Ember SAL. This page is a bit more difficult (with the fix going on and everything) since it has less colour blocking, but it's still going okay. I only have one colour finished yet, but I hope to get a good chunk of it done the coming week.

And last but not least, I also go some more black done on the Puppeteer - about 500 stitches. It's still a lot of fun watching this grow!


  1. Wonderful progress on all of your projects Leonore.


  2. The mermaid tail is great. MIL is making them for her great-granddaughters but they are only little so it's not so much work!

  3. Great progress on all three. Are you finiding it difficult to stitch on the dark fabrics?

  4. Lovely update on your various projects.
    Good luck with the blanket, it certainly look like a fun project to be working on.

  5. Fantastic progress on all your projects. I love those mermaid tail blankets. How cool!

  6. The mermaid blanket will be so fun when you've finished! I cheated on the one I have, my mil bought me one for Christmas!
    I love your starts, slow and steady, that will keep you busy.

  7. Du kommst ja gut voran bei deinen Kreuzstich-WIPs. Und dass du das Teil für Felix' Freundin nicht fertig bekommst, dafür kannst du ja nichts - wenn sich die zeitlichen Vorgaben so kurzfristig ändern, dann kann man halt schon alt aussehen, lach. Aber die Meermaid-Decke wird auch noch später viel Freude machen, da bin ich sicher.