Montag, 3. Oktober 2016

A long and lazy weekend

Finally, things have started to calm down a little. We still had a busy week at work - with hope on the horizon that we can finally take out vacation time at the end of this month - but a deliciously lazy weekend with an added holiday today has really helped us to calm down and relax. In fact, we weren't even *that* lazy and got some long due shopping and chores done, but I'm still feeling much better, and had time to make some decent progress on my crafting as well!

I'm still working on way too many things at once, and I'm trying to bring that down to a quick rotation of two, at most three projects at a time. That way, I should be able to see some finishes at a reasonable rate and get through my big gift-list much faster! For the moment, I tried to get all my projects to a point where it would be easy to leave off and pick them back up when it's their turn.

First, I finished the current (7th) page of Cut Thru Cottage. This one was stitched up fairly quickly - the last two are almost fully covered, but I still think I can get this finished this year. Lots of fun as well, I'm already thinking about which of those to get next.
I also fully finished the second part of the Halloween SAL - I know I had the motif itself done the last time around, but now there is also the beginning of the border and a good part of the inner grid to be seen.

I continued workingon my little Mill Hill Christmas Panda, and finished the stitching - only the lovely beads to go now! And since I got my latest yarn order in, I could not resist a new start, the first out of four hats I'm going to make for this winter. Since I wasn't entirely sure about the gauge, I started with my own, since my head is always readyly avaiable for size testing.

Last but not least, something I could have shown you the last time around, but it still needed a finishing touch! Saturday last week I went to a 'Sew your own shirt' workshop with a coworker/friend of mine and this is the result! I am so very pleased; I was really scared to sew with that stretchy fabric and it was so much easier than I had imagined, and a lot of fun as well! If I ever get my desked straightend up, I am sure I will do some sewing again soonish.


  1. Wow! Great progress on both and congrats on sewing your own shirt! It is nice to have things calm down so you can get other things crossed off the to-do list. A very good feeling.

  2. Great progress on your cross stitching and that hat looks like it will be cosy. Great shirt as well.

  3. A lovely update- you're working on a great variety of gorgeous things!
    I have finished 3 of the Bothy Cut Thrus now and when I finished the last I said never again - but the new Magical house one has really caught my eye...

  4. Oh my that top. Looks really good. Girl, I think your hands were born to make things. It's your destiny!!!

  5. I do enjoy seeing the Cut Thru designs, they look like a smush until the backstitch goes in! Loving the Whacky Witches SAL too, especially that left hand border. Gorgeous!
    Great work on the new shirt too, new sewing.

  6. Very nice sewing. I never did get the hang of working on stretchy fabric, but you did a great job. Love the cut-thru. I agree with Jo, they always look like blobs of color until the backstitching. The panda is adorable.

  7. Schöner Fortschritt bei deinem Cut-Thru Projekt. Das Sticken dieser Designs geht wohl relativ zügig, aber da gibt es ja noch die Backstitches - und von denen ziemlich viele. Aber wenn man die immer mal wieder macht und nicht alle bis zum Schluß übrig läßt, dann überwältigen sie einen auch nicht.

  8. Great progress on your WIPs!
    Well done on your sewing - the top looks great :o)
    Hugs xx