Freitag, 2. September 2016

Mad Summer Finish Dash - Day 31

Wednesday was the last day of August, and also the last day of my Mad Summer Finish Dash! It was so much fun to share my progress with you every day, and I am really grateful for all the comments (I'll get back to you for the last of those) and you cheering on me. It was also fairly successful; with me reaching three of four goals and also lots of additional knitting and crochet finishes. Thank you so much for getting on this crazy journey with me, I'll think about doing it again when I have another series of crazy deadlines to reach!

So on Wednesday, I had a bit more progress on the Halloween SAL - no excuses today, we finally had a lazy evening in with Sherlock (we finally got around to start Season 3).

Also, Felix did a great job on framing the Strawberries Sampler - just in time to upload it for the contest. He did a great job! I got that cute little frame in a houseclearing a while ago, and I think it really fits nicely.


  1. Well done on completing the blogging challenge and on the stitching progress too.
    Strawberries looks great in that frame.

  2. Excellent progress on the Halloween SAL and excellent framing too. Glad you enjoyed the month!

  3. Das war ja ein toller Monat, und ein sehr erfolgreicher dazu. Drei von vier Zielen erreicht, da kann man wirklich nichts sagen. Das tägliche Bloggen spornt einen schon an, nicht wahr.
    Toller Fortschritt bei deinem Halloween Teil. Und der Strawberry Sampler sieht super aus im Rahmen.

  4. Your mad summer challenge was fantastic, and I'm super impressed with all of the work you did.

    Halloween SAL looks great - and I really like the framing on Strawberries Sampler!

  5. Super progress. I need to go back and read all your entries for the month as I was off the computer for most of the month.