Tuesday 13 September 2016

Catching my breath

Hello, my lovelies! Wait, what is this...I just finished that incredible month of posting everyday, and now I leave you in the dark for almost two weeks? I am terribly sorry, although I do have kind of an excuse - I've been awfully busy! Felix' brother has been staying with us this last weekend, and his sister the one before that, and his parents are in fact still here - although they have a room a few streets over, so they are not actually staying with us. Still, lots of stuff going on, lots of fun stuff, but stuff nevertheless. Now things seem to be calming down a bit though, and with a few checkins coming up, I wanted to show you the progress that I made and that won't fit in with those later this week. Because even though we were so terribly, terribly busy, we still had time for a bit of movie watching (in fact, we needed to educate Felix' sister on Zoomania, Inside Out and Baymax) and also stitching is my go to-remedy in case of stress, so progress has been made!

First of all, I finally managed to finish the first part of our Halloween-SAL! I'm behind by about four weeks now, but who cares, I'm having fun! Since I'm using a scroll frame, I want to finish the middle level before moving on, so first the right side, then the left, is the plan.

And then I already finished my third page of the Fire and Ember SAL! There is actually more dragon to be seen now, and it's awesome! What's even more awesome is that finishing this took me less than two weeks. so for the rest of the month I can put something else in my little rotation of two that I have going on. I get to chose a project from my WIP box! Wee! Feels like I haven't done this in a while, haha.

I also really need to start with my christmas crafting - mostly knitting at this point - so hopefully I'll have something to show on that front soon as well :)


Tiffstitch said...

Great updates on both! And not surprised your next update took a bit. :)

Heather said...

Great progress :).

Brigitte said...

Bei beiden Projekten hast du eine Menge geschafft, beide sehen toll aus. Und ja, sticken und werkeln für Weihnachten steht ins Haus. Ich möchte jedes Jahr ganz früh anfangen damit, und dann schiebe ich es vor mir her und am Ende muss alles hopphopp gehen, jedes Jahr das Gleiche, lol.