Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

(Late) September WIPocalypse

I'm feeling a bit like Dory from 'Finding Nemo' these days...'Finally caught up with all of my check-ins', 'Hey look, another check-in!' Only that turning around takes me a few days instead of a few seconds, still feels like it, hehe. So before we go away on an other (hopefully amazing) long-weekend-trip (we're visiting my best friend in Berlin, took friday and monday off work), let me catch up with another missed check-in and some progress for September WIPocalypse!

This month's question was 'Where do you buy most of your stitching supplies?'  Now, since I still haven't found any good needlecraft suppliers locally (you can't even get DMC around here), I buy almost exclusively online. I try to support German webstores, however, like cross-stitch-corner, monika-arnold or stickteufelchen. For quite some stuff I also turn to sewandso, they just have the biggest selection (and are really quick to deliver as well), or other UK webstores. And in some cases I also had to turn the 123stitch in the US directly.
I used to buy DMC floss online in the US as well, mostly at crossstitchworld who have very reasonable shipping rates, but I recently discovered that there are some ebay sellers which really good prices and shipping rates (still original DMC) so I usually check there first. I also like to check ebay for rare items and the occasional bargain.
And for fabrics, when I want something special and handdyed (and I often do), I like to turn to polstitches, sparklies, jodyri designs and crafty kitten, all based in the UK. Oh and don't forget Nina's handdyed flosses, which I get from Jardin Privé in France...and digital patterns at etsy, Tilton Crafts, HAED, patternsonline and many others (often sold directly via the designer) - the possibilities are endless. Now if only my time and budget were, too!

Okay, but after this and my last wall of text post, it's time for pictures! I did promise you pictures, and I usually keep my promises, so pictures you shall have! Just a few more sentences and we are there. For real.
Last week, Felix and I were on a business trip to Oldenburg in the very North of Germany - which included a 7 hour train rides (well 8 on the way there because our train was late by an hour), some evenings in the hotel (even though we didn't have a lot of free time there) and four days of presentations ans lectures. So I did take some crafting with me - I worked on My Day Off mostly on the train, a bit in the hotel, and I got quite a bit done - the lady now has a wine glass and cake, there is a small flower pot and quite a bit more background. Also, it's time to move the hoop again!

For all these long lecture and presentation times, I brought some crochet work with me. Remember that crochet box from I showed a while back? Daniela added a few more, as well as some amazing yarn to her shop, and I recently treated myself to the crochet box 'Granny shawl in autumn colours' which was perfect for this journey! Basically, you just make a big half granny square (so, a triangle) using a lovely sock yarn in a stunning colourway - no counting involved, so perfect for lecture times! I took pictures of my progress every day, just for the fun of it:

So, I did that little start to get into the pattern before we went on the trip. On the first day, I used about half a ball of yarn, on the second most of the rest of it. Day three, I joined in the second ball, which is almost gone after day four now. I have a third ball to work with for a nice big and cozy shawl, so still a bit to go! But I am really really enjoying this project.

I didn't work on the Halloween Sampler last week since I didn't want to take two stitching projects, but we had another trip this monday where I took only the Halloween one instead so I'm almost caught up now, pics to follow next week (after the weekend in Berlin).

Now for watching, really quick: When my dad and his girlfriend were here, we turned to subtitled Disney movies since her German isn't very good yet. We watched Aristocats and Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, one of my altime favourites. 
Of course, Felix and I had some more shows to catch up on as well: Elementary (S1, E8-17) and Case Closed (E94-102). I also finished Volume 6 of the manga, and watched some more Once Upon a Time: Finished S1 (E18-22) and started S2(S1-5). So far I liked season 1 better, but probably the second one still has to get up to speed.

We also had a friend here for the weekend and went to a concert on Saturday night - the Rock Symphony Night by the local ORSO (orchestral society) with choir, band and singers. It was incredible! Just imagine this


and then three more of hours of even more awesome things! I'm still totally flashed and can't wait for next year ^_^


  1. I love your shawl Leonore. I also bought that kit that your working on.


    1. Thanks! Do you know when you'll be starting yours yet? I'd love to see!

  2. Lovely stitching and knitting. Sounds like a busy few days but you made great progress!

    1. Thanks ^_^ It seems like I'm always busy these days, but I'm learning to make the best of it.

  3. The shawl looks awesome!!!!!! Nice stitching on the lady as well!!!!!!