Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

July IHSW & Gifted Gorgeousness

So it took me almost another week to get that 'almost good to go' post out that I kept blabbering about, but here it finally is! Let me jump right in with the reason it took me so long: I was finishing up the second BSJ (the baby has been born a few weeks ago, a healthy boy named Alwin), and as I couldn't find wooden buttons I got for this (and I'm pretty sure my holes are to small anyway) I ordered more of the cute owls, and I had to wait a few days for those, but now it's all done - I' going to wash and dry it over the weekend, then give it to the proud dad on Monday ^_^

I made quite a few mistakes (everytime I counted, my stitches were a little off, but I was always able to fix it), but I'm still quite proud of how it turned out in the end ^_^ Now I can finally focus on finishing a few of my other knitting/crochet projects, but this won't be the last BSJ I'm working on this year: Just this week I learned that the daughter of a friend of the family is pregnant, so I'll get to make another one for her.

Now for my SAL-checkins...the jacket kind of fits into GG, although it's no stitching, and I also worked some more on DF and started page 5 - just one more column left in this row! I should be able to finish that this weekend.

Now for a quick catching up on what we watched: More How I Met Your Mother (S6, S13-24 and S7, E1-9) and lots more Case Closed (E5-27). When Felix' friend visited for the weekend, we rewatched Big Hero 6, and we also went to the cinema for Minions, which was really great and sweet and hilarious ^_^


  1. The sweater if lovely Leonore. Nice stitching progress.


  2. Beautiful jacket and great progress on your stitching :-)

  3. The sweater is beautiful! Now I HAVE to learn how to make those so I can start filling up my Grandma's Hope Chest :D DF is really getting some detail going there. I'm trying not to peek at the picture but I really want to to compare where you are at...but this is way more fun!

    1. Yes you have! It's really easy too! I just did take this peek on DF to see what's waiting for me in the next row - looks like FUN!

  4. Hey, great work on Dark Forces!

  5. The jacket is gorgeous, proud papa will be really happy with it.

  6. The jacket is amazing - wonderful colour choice!