Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015


This past weekend was IHSW, and even though I only noticed once it was almost over (Joyce, the organisator, is a bit busy with family matters at the moment), I actually did get quite some stitching done (we had thursday off - do I smell another holiday post coming up? - so we did most of our most-do program for the weekend down there, and since Felix managed to get a light concussion on tuesday we took it really slow for the rest of the week anyway).
First off, the lovely, generous Magical had sent me the threads to stitch up her May ornament, which I happyly did - I really loved that one, the colors and the design both. This and January are my favourite of all the monthly ornaments so far.

Apart from that I had planned to spent the weekend with Lady, since the Disney Dreams group on facebook had a SAL weekend, but somehow I didn't really 'feel' it, so I only put a couple hundred stitches in and instead I pulled out the Things Unseen sampler. I stitched the last word in the upper row and with that also finished the upper part from the border. Now that I have much less border to stitch at a time,  the sampler itself progresses much faster, and I'm already mostly done with the second row. There is even a new color, which I find just lovely!

There was also progress on the Baby Jacket (I did about two rows a day and as you can see, it has grown considerably, and the remaining ball of yarn has shrunk just as much) and on Soyeux (finished the first ball and got a few rows in with the new one).

As for watching, amazon prime recently added Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and since we just saw Avengers Age of Ultron a week ago we were in the right mindset or that, so we watched E1-10 of Season 1 this weekend. We also saw R.I.P.D., a action/fantasy/cop-comedy, which was quite entertaining and enjoyable, and earned Felix the right to pick out movies again :D


  1. Cute finish and I love all of your other projects Leonore.


  2. I did order Things Unseen...this SFS is COMPLETELY done for and I will probably be politely asked to leave the group :) It's wonderful to see your progress on that and Lady! You have quite a few things going on right now and I really am enjoying your rotation so we can all see a little of everything every now and then.

    Yay for Felix! I think I helped him lose his "Bad Movie" crown when I watched that yukk movie the other night...so Felix YOU ARE WELCOME!! ha ha!

    1. Things Unseen is worth sinning for - that pattern and especially the kit is gorgeous! Did you see all the little goodies? The small patterns that came with it too?

      I'm glad you like my Kraut-and-Rüben-Rotation (that's German for everything mixed together, kind of lol), I like stitching like that as well ^_^

  3. Love the German description of this post! In English we might call it a mish-mash but in a nice way!

    I love stitching lettering so much more than borders! Looking forward to seeing that one progress.

    1. I'll try to remember that :D Stitching letters goes wonderfully quick, I can't wait to work on it again ^_^