Dienstag, 24. März 2015


As promised, here's another catch up post to get on top of things again. So last weekend was IHSW, but due to birthday, suprise dinner with Felix, my dad visiting and baking cakes I didn't get much actual stitching or hermitting done. However, I was quite productive last week as a whole, so I still have a few things to share! For one, I finished the next column of DF, which brings it to this point:

I also managed to finish the next paage of Cut Thru' Cottage, and as usual I will give you the fun of seeing it with and without the backstitching. This is page 4; another half page - page 5 will be almost full coverage.

Most importantly, I also finished my first Baby Suprise Jacket, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! Her it is, already washed, dryed (it was important for me to choose a yarn that's both maschine washable and tumble dryer safe, this might need washing often after all) and all finished! The proud dad found it on his desk on monday, but he still doesn't know who the mysterous knitting elf was ^.~ The next jacket isn't due until June, so I can focus on a few other projects first.

Last but not least, here's my TUSAL jar for March: as usual, there's mostly dark blues and greys from DF, and then a few odds and ends from everything else I worked on.

Now to the 'everything else' part of the post - watching happend, of course:
  • Paul Blar - Mall Cop - This is was Felix offered me when I asked (what rarely happens) for a romantic comedy. And it wasn't even good, even he had to admit that...that guy acted just a bit *too* stupid for my taste.
  • Pulp Fiction - Another part of my education in important movies I somehow missed. I did like this one, not sure I 'got' it, but I liked it. Plus I 'get' a whole lot of pop culture references now that I missed before :D
  • Big Bang Theory S6, E4-20 - Nothing to add, I love this show :D
  • Supernatural S4, E 4-20 - This one is definately picking up momentum, I like it. Almost at the season finale too, so I try to prepare myself for another shocking revelation.
  • Stark Trek The Original Series, S1 E4 - I like watching a bit of this here and there, but the plot is oddly smiliar in each episode...
  • Haven S4, E11-13 - Caught up an what's avaiable again. This season sure was different than the first three, but in a good way. Less 'single' episodes, more continuous story arcs. I'm really curious for what will come in the next season.
  • Dr Who S2, E5 - It's on amazon prime again, now I just need to find the time to actually watch it ^_^
  • Stardust - One of my favourite movies, so we rewatched it on my birthday. Coincidently (not) I also got the book from my best friend, so I'll be able to compare soon!
I also got some gaming 'done' and finished the super awesome Vita-Game Danganronpa. It's a Visual Novel with some exploration parts and so called 'class trials' - 15 highschool students get imprisoned in there school by an evil mastermind who tells them they can leave if and only of the kill one of their classmates and get away with it. When a murder occurs, the students try to find the killer, who then gets executed, because if they don't, everyone else is executed. Sounds crazy and scary? It kinda is, but I haven't seen a game with such brilliant story twists and atmosphere before, and I'm really looking forward to playing the sequel ^_^


  1. Great progress Leonore. That sweater is too cute.


    1. Thank you! I'm rather proud of how it turned out :)

  2. Good progress on both your cross stitch projects. I love the cardigan you knitted and I think you should own up to your boss as I'm sure he will want to thank the knitting fairy who made it!

    1. Thanks! He's not my boss actually, kind of the same level I'm on, just been at the position longer. I'm making another jacket for another coworker's baby in summer, maybe it'll come out then :)

  3. Sounds like a productive weekend! Terrific progress.

  4. Nice progress, your DF comes along quickly.

    1. Thanks :) It kind of feels like it, but then there is so much more to do!

  5. Great progress! and that sweater has turned out wonderfully too!