Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

December WIPocalypse

Oh my, has it been a week already? Despite me best resolutions to get a bit of posting done in between, this week has been incredibly busy - between finishing my Master thesis (gave it to the printer yesterday morning and will hand it in tomorrow), being away for almost two days because of a close friend's dad's funeral and Felix' band concert yesterday, it was positivly stuffed, and I'm so, so glad to spend a nice and quiet day hat home, with nothing to disturb me besides laundry.

So, one thing I really should get posting about is the WIPocalypse update for December. I'm actually lte by more than a week already, but Measi encouraged people to push it a bit further towards the end of the year, so we could do a proper recap. But I have time to post now, and I think I should take the opportunity, before life comes along and takes time away again...

This month's topic is Recap your accomplishments for the year!. I like what my friend Carla did for this topic - she just went through all her old blog entries and summarized what she worked on, month by month. I think I will do that as well, but first I'll go back to my WIPocalpyse introduction in January: Back then, I had only three (or two, because one just needs finishing) WIPs: Peacock Tapestry, which I started January 1st, and The Little Mermaid, which was started in 2013. Also a Tulip pillowcase that needed finishing, and, big spoiler: it still does...

January: In January, I worked almost exclusivly on Peacock Tapestry. I made I nice dent in that border too - finished the upper part and stitched the first section of the left side. I also started and finished Toby Fox bookmark, did a bit of stitching on the Little Mermaid and crocheted my Pop Heart.

February: I lost speed for a bit on Peacock Tapestry, finished only one section of the border in February. I nearly despaired over, but finally finished in time, Emergency bookmark, and crocheted a cover for my kindle. More importantly, I finished cross stitching on the Little Mermaid, so only a bit of backstitching was left.

March: In March, I started stitching the first (Tully) of the Game of Thrones bookmarks. I started and finished two small guinea pigs (Cavy and Lucky) for my grandma's birthday, which reminds me - I still need to do the other two of the set. I did the backstitching on The Little Mermaid, so that's another finish, completed the left side border on Peacock Tapestry, Started Lady and The Tramp, which I got for my birthday, and crocheted another kindle cover, for Felix (although his father has it now, he got a paper white in the meantime and it won't fit anymore).

April: More work on Tully and Lady, and another section done (top of right side border) on PT. Started the next section, and I think that might already be the last we saw of him last year. Crocheted an oven mitten and a (failed) smart phone cover. I started Cross Stitch Angel, and also another bookmark, TWs knotwork freebie.

May: Finished the Knotwork Bookmark, and a good part of the upper half of CS Angel's border. I think that's another one we won't see again this year. I started crocheting an owl tote, and started and finished my customized spring bunnies that eventually won me the Puppy Love Contest on Stitching Pirates :) I also had my first little start on Angel of Frost, but didn't get very far, and worked a bit on Lady.

June: Tiny bit more on AoF before I put it aside. Progress on lady, I finished Tully and started Arryn, the next in the series, and I worked some more on the Owl Tote. Also worked on a mystery project that I later revealed to be Pusheen Apron.

July: Finshed Owl Tote and Pusheen Apron, started and finished mystery project #2 (Felix' Pirates of the Caribean shirt). I also started and finished Two Kittens. I also worked some more on Lady, and took up knitting again with a sweater that has been in the works for years.

August: I finally took up AoF again and already managed a page finish. I also worked on Arryn, knitted on my sweater, and started & finished the first of a pair of wristwarmers (that I'm now thinking about redoing...).

September: Knitted the second wristwarmer (which still needs finishing) and started the matching scarf. I started Halloween Town Club and finished the first clue. More stitching on AoF and another page finish, Also, I started and finished Tiny Lamb.

October:  Focused almost entirely on AoF and got another one and a half pages down. Also, second clue of Halloween Town was stitched.

November: Finshed the stitching on AoF - cross stitch, backstitch, and the speciality stitches as well. Also, I started and finished Peter Polar Bear (which reminds me, I still need to ship him) and started Cut Thru' Cottage.

December: So far, I finished one page on CTC and worked a bit on Lady as well. Crocheted a pair of pot holders.

Wow, if I write it out like that is doesn't look too shabby, does it...It's fun how I was being super-productive until about the middle of the year, than got more and more busy with life and less and less stitching happened. I'm curious already how that will work out next year! By the way, you can find pictures of most of the projects mentioned either on the 'Finished: 2014' or the 'List of projects' page, though both of them are not quite up to date at the moment.

So, that much for WIPocalypse, now on to my usual ramblings, aka watching list...what has happend since the last time:

  • The other to parts of the amazonia documentary I started last time. I really love seeing that place...
  • Another documentary, but this time about Africa and called African Safari. The two prtagonists where talking a bit much useless stuff, but the landscapes and animals where really stunning.
  • A few more episodes of The Nanny: S5, E8-14 
  • Scandal, S2:E14-16. I had to rewatch E14 because I didn't know what was happening anymore after such a long time, but now I'm up to date again and still love it.
And after you made it this far into the wall of text, I even have a little treat for you:

I started beading on AoF today (finally got myself set up at my new desk as well!), and here is how far I got. It's really, really fun to add those beads, and way easier then I though, though there is a LOT of them so I will still need to hurry. But I feel much more confident that I can actually finish this by christmas! Time to go and order a frame for her.

So that's it, enough for today...I hope I'll find time next week to finally post about my SALs and plans for next year, and also SFS deadline is creeping closer. On to work!


  1. I knew you had done quite a bit this year but laid out like this really does show how much was really done! Summer time usually slows everyone down and I have noticed we all have huge gaps in our year during that time where not much stitching happens. But now that your Thesis is finished and once the holiday season is over all of us will be stitching more. What a lovely and productive year for you!

  2. I like the way you recapped. You did a ton of stitching, which given everything else you had going, is very impressive. The beading looks great and really adds that bit of extra that every piece needs.\

  3. Congrats on finishing your master's thesis!

    And further congrats on all of your progress this year. I still love the pictures of AoF - it has always been one of my more favorite TWs.

  4. A great recap of the year. The beads look lovely :)