Saturday 25 October 2014

Weekly Stuff + October SFS

Another week has passed, and we have settled a bit more into our new place - we now have a washing mashine and a dryer, a dining table, a bed, and I also got a desk that is almost set up already! Next week, we will get our wardrobes, couch and living room furniture, and once everything is built there will only be small stuff missing, maybe a few shelves and stuff.

With all that going on, I'm a bit proud to be only a day late with my posting - actually, we drove up to Felix' parents yesterday, which is the primary reason for this post being late at all! And despite als the chaos and stress I actually manged some stitching on AoF:

I worked more on her cloak (and finished all the reds, which is great, but also kinda sad because I loved stitching those) and on the tree on the right. Next week I hope to finish her cloak and also her bag so the tree-part will be all that i left - getting so very close now! It looks like so little is missing, but I know it's still two weeks at least, more likely three with my current speed *sighs*

Now on to this week's other topic, which is Stitch from Stash - not a zero month for me, but I stayed inside the limits. Right after the last post, I went to the Tilton Crafts homepage and treated myself to Master, a Star Wars pattern that is the companion piece to Dark Force which I got a while back as a price for the Stitching Pirates Puppy Love contest - they were having a sale at 30% off all patterns, bringing Master to $11.20 and since I really want to stich both of them I just went ahead and bought it. Turns out it was a good thing to do, since both charts have since disapeared from the site. Both are artworks drawn by the incredible Tsuneo Sanda, check out his homepage if you are into Star Wars at all.

I also got a message from Jody (one of the girls running Unconventional X Stitch) that the Cherry Blossom pattern was avaiable again from her second Etsy store, Simply Flora Cross Stitch was avaiable again - I really liked it when she first posted it, but then it kinda disapeared from my wishlists and I asked her if I could still buy it, so obviously, I had to now, and it's a really great pattern for only $5.

That brings my monthly total to $16.20, which is not to bad for to amazing patterns! There also was a special exemption this month, concerning Nene Thomas' patterns on HEAD, since she was canceling her license agreement or something, and her charts were only avaiable for a few more days at that time - I have to admit that after talking to Felix and both of us getting to the exact smae two patterns we liked most, I splurged a bit and bought two of those - Fire Moon and Wings in Repose. I still have some plans what I want to get for the rest of the year, and there's also a $50 holiday bonus, so let's see what will happen for the last two months of 2014.

Felix was even more busy then I was, his Master thesis isn't going to well, or at least not as swiftly as he would like it to - so not much has happend on the watching-front, only a bit of Supenatural - E4-9 of S2, to be more precisly. Still pretty awesome, but I wish we could watch more.

A bit of gaming did happen once my PS3 was set up again, and I managed to finish CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, one of the games base on the CSI TV show, this one in Las Vegas. Yes, it sounds a bit like what gamers call 'license crap', and it's definatly not stallar on the game play part, but it was still fun, the story was kinda interesting, and it only cost me about 3€, and so I think it was worth getting it.

I didn't get much reading in due to the move, but yesterday I kinda made up for that while Felix and his family were at band practice and finished the last ~200 pages of Amazonia by James Rollins. Felix' brother Max gave it to me the last time I was here, because it's his favourite book, and I was a bit recultant at first - the cover text sounds a bit clichée, an expedition in the rain forest that vanishes and starts to discoer amazing stuff that had been hidden there, but I did him the favour and read, and I was suprised. True, it is a bit clichée, but it's very well written as well and super intese in the end, I couldn't put it down until well after 1am tonight.

Now I guess I should continue working on my thesis, or find something to eat, whichever proves more pressing...but with a cat sitting on (and warming) my feet, I think it's going to be work for now :D


Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

Sounds like your weekend was wonderful! Tell Felix he will do just fine on his thesis as will you! You both are so close to being finished and this may seem like the hard part but it's not.'s just so beautiful!!

katjakay said...

AoF is so gorgeous, and so close to done, it seems to have gone very fast for you.
And you are already into Season 2!!!! Which means lots of Bobby, I have a bit of a crush on that actor.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm sure we will pull through - somehow. How many nerves will be shredded on the way, now that's adifferent story...

Leonore Winterer said...

I need about four weeks per page, which seems rather fast to me - but that's good, I still need it done by Christmas!

Who was Bobby again? I'm bad with character and actor names :(