Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

The weekly Lady, #2

Still keeping up my routine of spending one or two hours on Lady & the Tramp in the evenings, and still making good progress! Here is where I stand after one more week:

As you can see, I made a little progress on the tree and quite a lot on the first floor of the house. Next week, I hope to finish that particular house as far as it is on page one (which basically means one more window to go), then slowly work my way upwards along the next row of trees until I read the upper edge again. So lots of greens incoming now, kind of a relief after all the greys ^_^

Apart from that, not much going on here, I finally finished reading the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and now my reading slot is mostly occupied by gaming because I started a new (well, at least new to me) Harvest Moon game and it's difficult to put it down~


  1. AWESOME!!! This is going to go quicker than you think if you keep doing what you are doing :D

    I'm currently obsessing over Animal's stupid but I can't stop!

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty amazed myself, I took it out of the qsnap a few days ago to change it's position and wow, so much done already!

      You got a Wii, right? Anything else? I need to drag you deeper into the abyss of gaming :D

  2. Ah Harvest Moon. I remember playing that a lot on my N64. I have since bought it for the GameCube and play it every so often. I might pick up the 64 version at some point if I don't still have it.

    Lady is looking awesome! ^_^

    And Carla - Animal Crossings is another game my brothers and I would play all the time. :)

    1. Never had a N64, sadly, but I hear the Harvest Moon for it was awesome...maybe it'll be released for VC eventually, or maybe it already has, I will have to check that.