Tuesday 15 April 2014

April WIPocalypse

Wait, it's THAT time of the month again? Already? Where did time go? Oh boy, I really did neglect my blog the last two weeks, and while I'm really sorry for that, I feel like I do have some valid excuses. Post about them will probably up tomorrow or the day after that or at least by the weekend, I PROMISE. That I didn't do much about everyone else's blog is a different story - I had to reinstall my browser (or at least get a new proile for now) and I'm still having a hard time getting everything as I want it again, with bookmarks and blocked scripts and everything. n fact, I read most of your blogs, but some comments I tried to write were eaten, but I'll try again soon. For now, let me just take care of this WIPocalypse post for today.

This month's topic is How do you keep your stash organized? and I'm SO glad you ask because - frankly, I don't. Thing is, I didn't have much of a stash until very recently, only a dark and cramped box were I put everything I had given up on or couldn't use at the moment and oh my looks like I did have a stash after all, I just didn't know what it was. Anyways, know that I startet working on more complex projects and also accumulating lots of to-be-worked-on stuff, I felt the need for a new system, so right now I'm in the process of getting everything out of this dark cramped box and onto a shelf.
As you can see, I'm by no means finished yet (also, my room is still a mess from getting everything out of the box and not yet on the shelf, and yes, that might be one of the reasons for neglecting my blog a little). The general idea is that by having everything out in the open, I'll be kind of forced to actually keep it all neat and tidy, and to not lose contect with everything I already have, so hopefully, I won't find stuff like this in the future:

That's three (yep, three) table clothes (is that an actual plural form?) that are more or less started....these are from a time when I was just starting off with stitching an relatives thought it would be nice to just give me stuff, no matter if I had not picked the design myself. I don't really feel like working on them know, especially since I lost the patterns for two of them (but one is printed anyway, so I'll figure it out, and the other has only two very simple motives, one and a half of which I already made once), but I guess eventually I'll get around and stitch them. But first I'll need to figure out what other horrors this box might still be holding...

Enough with the dark talk, let's get on to my actual stitching progress! It's not as much as I would have liked it to be, but as it's strechted across three projects, it's still not bad, I guess.

First, I spent some more time with Peacock Tapestry. I got through what I suppose is not even half a section of the border (the middle sections on the vertical borders are pretty big) before I got bored - I did power stitch another section right before that, after all - ans switched on to another project. But I hope that I can finish at least this section in April (there's still a bit more to do but the whole section didn't fit inside the frame).

That other project was Lady and the Tramp, and here, I did make some progress - at least, I can't show the whole thing off in the Q-snap now as it doesn't fit anymore. I finished the first tree, which fades right into the next tree, but thankfully, they can be distinguished by color quite easily, and am now working on the house, which has some very relaxing blocks of color and also straight edges to follow. Still a little bit of tree on the side as you can see.

Last but not least, I spent a weekend at and two train rides to and from Felix' parents on my Tully bookmark, which made quite some progress. Fish is done, next to fill up the red, but I probably won't be able to finish just yet, because silly me somehow managed to order to skeins of white and one skein of red instead of the other way around.

While I was working on this on the train ride home, a women sitting across from me adressed me and wanted to know where I got the patterns and my awesome Q-snap frame, so we started talking a bit and I got to introduce her to the treasures of the internet and where they are to be found. Quite a fun experience, I never met another stitcher in real life before.

So, now you're up to date with my progress (if only I could say the same thing about my finishes page and my dA, still need to upload several pictures from march...) and everything else will follow soon, I promise. Until then, fare thee well, and stitch on!


katjakay said...

You've had a busy week, I remind myself that I'm happy with my Tully, but that red looks wonderful, and I did warn you that those bookmarks use a lot of floss, they are so pretty.
I've never randomly met a stitcher, sounds like fun.

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

I hope Krystal reads this because I am officially MOTIVATED to stitch again!! Thank you so very much :D And I'm wondering if Nancy and I have been bad influences on you since you are now looking at various storage options for your "stash" which you wouldn't really have if we hadn't......uhm....been around to show you the way to proper hoarding?

I hope your computer gets better soon, we have IHSW this Saturday and you need to be there!

Unknown said...

Looking great! And my stash is currently all thrown in a box so.....you're better off than I am right now.

Scrapbrat1 said...

I have some things that look like your "messy" projects, too! And BTW, I think the plural is tablecloths, which I know because I had to look it up one time!

Marcy said...

They all look great. I can empathize with you about computers. I hope yours gets better real soon.

Leonore Winterer said...

Haha thank you, one learns something new every day ^_^

Leonore Winterer said...

The computer itself is fine actually, it's Firefox that is giving me trouble...now switched over to Chrome, apparently, that's working better.