18 in '18

Some people have been doing these lists for WIPocalypse for years, and I thought it would be fun to join in and pick out some of my WIPs (and maybe a few new starts) to focus on for 2018. I have a ton of WIPs and I love them all, so it was really hard to pick just 18...and I might well change some things about this list, but for now these are the projects I want to see serious progress on. [I will add pictures closer to New Year, so they are more up-to-date for 2018]

1) Fire and Ember SAL

I've been doing this one page a month for about one and a half years now, and keeping up with it should see a finish in October!

2) The Puppeteer

I have a deal with myself to one length of black on this everyday (since mid-January '17) and continuing that, I should get at least another row of pages 'done', possibly even two (the black on them, that is).

3) Snow White

Same as the Puppeteer, Snow White gets one length a day (although I usually do two weeks worth at a time) since August 1st 2017. Not sure how far that will take my, but I think another year will make for some serious progress on her!

4) 99

I started this in September, but didn't work on it as much since then as I should have. It's a birthday present for my fiancé's dad in August, so I better get stitching!

5) The Mermaid

One of the new starts I'm planning for (though I have to get all my supplies still) - I promised my dad I'd stitch this for him for his 60th birthday, which is in July 2019, so I'll probably start this once 99 is done.

6) Cut Thru Cottage

This should have been done two years ago as a house warming gift for Felix' sister...she finally moved in this summer, so I should get up and stitch those last two and a half pages!

7) Wacky Witches in Stitches

Our Halloween SAL from 2016...I never finish these quite in time, but this is getting ridiculous! This is lower priority with all the gift stuff, but I still hope to get it done before next Halloween.

8) Viajante

I have way to many knitting WIPs...and I really want to wear this one by next winter! Quite a bit to go, but a few rows here and there should make for some nice progress.

9) Baby Blanket CAL

I started this last year in honour of the designer who had just passed away...and then as usual I got sidetracked and didn't continue past the first few parts. So I hope to get this done this year.

10) Arke

Another CAL I started and I really stayed on top of this one right to the last part, and then I just didn't finish. Shouldn't take a lot of time to cross this one of the list!

11) BB8

A cute little Amigurumi type thing that I started whortly after Star Wars 7 came out...and that has been sitting almost-finished ever since. I just need to do a few of the smaller parts, assembly everything and embroider it a bit. Should not take long at all!

I thought I had more of him done...I need to dig
through my crafting basket some more!

12) Endangered Young 'Uns

There are 32 patterns in this collection and I want to stitch them all eventually! If that is going to happen, I should try and stitch at least one for now.

13) Fans of the Far East

This was my 2017 New Years start, and I wanted it finished by March - well, that didn't happen, it's much stitching than I anticipated! I want to say I aim to finish in 2018, but I already greatly underestimated this design once. So I'm aiming for the half way point for now.

14) Lizzie Wallet SAL

I started this SAL in 2017 and kept up with it for a while (I think a little less than halfway through) before I got distracted by stuff, as usual. Hopefully, I can finish it now.

15) Lady and the Tramp

I have about a dozen of these Disney Dreams kit, yet I haven't worked on this in ages! I really want to get the second page done, and maybe make a start on the third if I feel like it.

16) Ornaments of the Month

I stitched up twelve of these a few years ago and recently started stitching up backsides and finish-finishing them. There are also a few extras to stitch since some months have more than one birthstone. By the end of the year, I should have a nice collection of ornaments.

17) Disney Princess Fobs

Those I'm stitching up for the Zodiac SAL. That will be done by September, so I have a bit of extra time to stitch up any extra princesses (there's 18 of them in total).

18) Blackwork Waterlilies

I got this kit for my birthday and have been working on it on and of ever since (I store it at my grandparents house) because blackwork goes relatively fast and I wanted to pave myself. But after a year it's time to actually finish, I guess!

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