Monday 2 April 2018

March WIPocalypse

So, March is over - after February seemd to be endless, March went by in a blink, and I just wasn't ready with my monthly goals at the official checkin date, but after a blissfully long Easter weekend I hae a few things to show. Actually, I have a lot of things to show, but let's start with the ones relevant for WIPocalypse!

First, for the question of the month: What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?
Let me use this opportunity for a bit of a shoutout to my friends Ashley and Magical. Ashley aka PinkyThePink has been doing Custom Patterns and patterns from several smaller artists for a while, but since she started doing Hannah Alexanders Mucha-Style Disney princess redesigns, she's really been outsoing herself. She even started doing a few real Mucha's with permission of the Mucha Foundation! I'm stitching her Mucha style Snow White at the moment.
Magical is not really a new designer, she's done quilt designs before and has been doing her own patterns for years. But just a few years ago she started doing a ton of freebies. She's releasing one every Friday, plus the NFSAL on dA and she's running a big weekly SAL this year as well. I have stitched several of her patterns, including the ornaments of the month and some of her Disney princess inspired fobs. Most of them are small and so much fun!

So, for WIPocalypse I am working through my list of 18 in '18. Some of them are coming along well, others...not so much, but overall, I am content. Here is my progress for the month:

1) Fire and Ember SAL

Fire and Ember got his monthly page and finally has a whole muzzle. This page was really really fun and stitched up quickly too!

2) The Puppeteer

I'm stitching one length of black a day on The Puppeteer - in March I fell back by a few days because of all the not-at-home time, but I'm almost caught up. And I had a row finish!

3) Snow White

Snow too is supposed to get one length a day, but I'm quite a bit behind on her. At least I managed the equivalent of 34 days in March, so I didn't fall behind any further - finishing one shade of yellow in her skirt and one of beige in her bodice.

4) 99

I'm aiming for one page finish a month - since I did almost two page in February, I had my finish early in the month and haven't touched it since, but now that it is April, I will get back to my beloved bottles.

10) Arke

Arke was on my list to finish this year, with only a few rows missing, and when I finally picket it up it was a very quick finish too. I really love the colours and I've been wearing this a lot in the cold weather those past few weeks.

16) Ornaments of the Month

I wanted to finish-finish one of these every month. This month, I did good on stitching the back, but not on the finish finishing. But I did stitch one of the additional December ornaments that I had not stitched yet, so together with February, I have three ornaments that need finishing.

17) Disney Princess Fobs

I'm also very much behind on the one-a-month with these...but I did work on Pocahontas and finished the front! I'm adding a much simplet back now and maybe then I can stitch one of the others I'm behind on.


Susan said...

Just.... WOW!!!! Great progress and wonderful pieces. Thank you for the links to the designers (like I need more stash).

Pamela said...

These all look wonderful!

Katie said...

Beautiful work on everything. Keep it up.

rosey175 said...

All your progress has been spectacular! I adore the yarn in Arke; what a beautiful colorway. I am waffling over starting a shawl; I've never worn one before but they always look so pretty haha.

Sara said...

Beautiful work! Can’t wait to see more of your Fire and Ember.

Bethan said...

You have been very busy! Fire and Ember is looking stunning x

Brigitte said...

Das sieht nach richtig viel aus. Das war ein absolut erfolgreicher Monat. Ich liebe es auch, an etlichen verschiedenen Projekten zu arbeiten und am Ende vom Monat dann zu sehen, wie viele es waren und wie weit ich gekommen bin. Irgendwie ist das sehr motivierend.

Kaisievic said...

Wow! lots of great stitching, Leonore.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Fire and Ember is just stunning, such gorgeous colours. I really like the one length a day idea, that works well for me too.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

All your projects look amazing =) I think you did a brilliant job on all of them =)