Thursday 28 December 2017

December Gifted Gorgeousness

I was hoping to get this post up somewhat in time, but of course Christmas happened, travels and whatnot and I am almost two weeks late again, but at least it's still the right month - and I do have a few things to show although a few are still under wraps - another time!

Just in time before I left for Australia, I finished this crochet shawl as a Christmas present for my best friend in her favourite colours. The pattern is called 'Virus' because once you start making those, you can't stop, it's that addictive. It really was a lot of fun, my friend loved it, and I'll certainly make one for myself eventually.

While I was in Australia, I had two projects with me to work on. The first was 99, on which I finally finished the first page (page 3 in my case). If I want this done by the end of August (and I do!), I will have to pick it up a lot more frequently from now on! 18 bottles done, 81 left to go.

The other travel project I brought with my was my Saffron shawl, and I've been working on it since my return back home as well. I was afraid it wouldn't turn out quite big enough, but by now I have a nice size, and about three more rows to go, so hopefully I will finish by the end of the year.

Finally, I've had a new start over the last few days; a headband I promised a coworker over a year ago so it was high time I finally got to work on it! It's my first braid knitting pattern, and it turns out this is way more easy (and fun!) than I thought! I still have a bit to go, but it's knitting up quickly and should be done soon.

So that's it for the very last GG check in of the year! It was another fun year of gift and gifted projects, and I do hope to continue into 2018, if Jo is up for it - I can't remember if she already posted whether GG will continue or not. As last year, it was a lot of fun, ans not too stressfull since most of my projects fit into this SAL by default :) So thanks everyone for following along, and thanks to Jo for hosting another year of this fun!


Pamela said...

Gorgeous knitting and crocheting. 81 more bottles sounds like a lot, but you are stitching Not drinking them, so I'm sure you'll be able to finish.

Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Great post. Lots of beautiful things being done.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in GG this year. It absolutely is continuning, while I still have a tonne of gifts in my stash I will be encouraging you all to join me each month!

Susan said...

As usual, everything looks great. I love the shawls. Your doing a very nice job on the braided scarf. When I finally sat down and read the directions on how to do the braid, I kept thinking "That's it?" seemed that it should be much harder. Good luck on 99. I have 2 bottles finished on the one I am doing for my nephew.

FlashinScissors said...

Great projects! I especially love that hairband .... funny, I have some wool in my “Dreaded Cupboard” that looks just like your hairband wool. I started knitting something with it years ago ..... not the right pattern, I was making it up as I went along, and it’s still waiting!
Love those bottles!
Barbara xx

Brigitte said...

Beide Umhänge sehen toll aus, sowohl der mit dem schönen Muster als auch der mit den verlaufenden Farben. Und auch deine Flaschenregale haben Zuwachs bekommen. Ein schöner letzter GG Post für das letzte Jahr.