Thursday 5 January 2017

WIPocalypse: Checking in 2017

A few days into the new year, I have finally caught up enough to write my checkin for this year. The goal of this first post is to introduce myself and my goals, so let me start with a short self introduction:

Hi, I'm Leonore, I'm 27 years old and from Germany. I've been doing several kinds of crafts for nearly all my life and tried cross stitch first when I was about 6 or 7, but it has only re-emerged as one of my main hobbies a few years ago. I also crochet and knit, try to sew and love trying out new things (and revisiting old ones). I'm living in Freiburg in the South of Germany with my boyfriend, Felix. We both work at Freiburg university, trying to get out PhDs in computer science. My hobbies besides crafting include reading, video games, and watching movies and shows (mostly on the side during my crafting time). Pleased to meet any new follower, and even more pleased for everyone who followed along last year and decides to do so again!

Stitchingwise, I love working on many different projects. One day I will enjoy huge blocks of single colours, the next I will dive deep into the confetti - sometimes I prefer plain cross stitch, sometimes I just need those beads and speciality stitches. I love the look of a fresh white fabric, and also the glorious colours of hand-dyed...I have a colourful mix of projects, both on the go and in my stash. And I'm a sucker for gift stitching...when I have a good idea on what to make for someone, I will through all my other plans over board to make it happen. Apart from that, I tried to not make any plans last year, and I kind of enjoyed it - being able to just go with the flow. I have a few SALs I want to keep up with, but that's it - no list, no plans, apart from having a lot of fun, trying new stuff, and hopefully finishing a few things for myself this year as well. Plans never work for me anyway because life just tends to happen and get busy.

That being said, I do hoe to work on a few of my WIPs/UFOs this year. There are some beautiful projects in there that I'd really like to get back to, although right now I'm already caught up in a few more gift, yeah. To give you a bit of a taste what might or might not lie in stock this year, here are my two latest starts: The first is a new knitting project, a nice, on-the-go project with little counting involved and multicoloured yarn to keep it fun. I'm really in love with the colours and super exciting as I'm making that scarf for myself!

The other one was my new year stitching start, although I cheated a little and started early - but I was done with all the WIPs I had taken along on my Christmas vacation, and I had a little time that evening I didn't want to go to waste! I'm a little further ahead now in fact, but here's what I did that first evening. I won't be telling what it is just yet, just for fun, but I'm sure it will be visible soon. In the meantime, feel free to guess if you want :)


Pamela said...

Nice to read your intro and learn more about you!

Linda said...

Great starts Leonore. No clue as to what your start is.


Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Thanks for visting my blog, I will be happy to follow you along =) The scarf you started is beautiful, it's always amazing what selfpainting yarn can do =) I onced used a Zauberball by Schoppel, so pretty, but sooo itchy!
But I fear I have no idea about your new start, I am bad at guessing.

The world seems to e rather small after all. One of my collegues went to Freiburg last year to work as a post doc there and I have a boyfriend studying computer science as well (but he just started, he worked in it for a few years before) :D Good luck with your phd =)

Heather said...

Great start I love the colors in the scarf!

Susan said...

The scarf look great. Love the colors and it looks so soft. No guess on the new start, but looking forward to watching it grow.

katjakay said...

The colours on that scarf are insanely beautiful

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous colours in your scarf, how nice to make something for yourself too.
Is the new piece a Joan Elliott?

Brigitte said...

Die Farben in deinem neuen Schal sind unwiderstehlich, was für eine tolle Kombination.
Deinen neuen Start kann ich noch nicht identifizieren, aber du hast mich jetzt schon ein bisschen neugierig gemacht:)

Bea said...

Loving the colours of the knitting. And a start is always a good start, the number of stitches don't matter.