Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Summertime Progress

After the last few weeks where pretty mixed in terms of weather, we now seem to have finally hit a streak of warm days. And now I'm the one having mixed feelings, because I'm kind of enjyoing the warmth but it's also too hot and sunny to be outside without shade, and we're still waiting for the sunshae on our balcony to be fixed. So I've been mostly sitting inside, which let to a nice bit of stitching progress. The enxt few weeks will be busy with stuff though, so I will have to struggle to keep up with everything!

First, I continued working on my current projects. I stitched about half of the top page of the grand children project - not much more to go until I can start on the backstitching and personalization! I also stitched some more on the Strawberry sampler and finished the bands #2 - #5. I got to use the pearle thread and some beads, and it was a lot of fun to do all the different stitches, especially on the tiny fabric count! ALSO I made some progress on the second watermelon sock (and that shows me how long overdue this update is as I haven't knitted in over a week), I finished the heel and started on the foot. I will have some time to knot next week, so hopefully I'll have a finish soon :)

Then finally the time had come for the Fire and Ember SAL! The first page was started on July 2nd and is entirely background, mostly big blobs of brown-ish with some brighter blobs. I enjoy stitching colour blocks from time to time and I am severly enjoying this project so far. Here is where I was one week in (I did a bit more since then) and I think I should be done after another week.

Lastly, I also upgraded by equipment for winding wool a bit. It is so much faster and so much more fun than winding the skeins by hand - and it makes such pretty balls! One by one, I will wind all the wool I have in skeins, and also rewind the balld I bought since the don't unroll as nicely as the selfwund ones.


  1. Great stitcher and your wool winder is marvellous!

  2. Great progress on everything and what a cool winder!

  3. Great work on the Strawberry Sampler. I love your wool winder, it looks like a very complex piece of kit!

  4. Seit heute ist es bei euch sicher auch etwas kühler geworden. Warm ist ja schön, aber die Hitze in der Rheinebene ist dann doch was anderes.

    Da bist du ja ein ganzes Stück weitergekommen mit deinen Stickprojekten. Der blaue Vogel im Enkel-Projekt gefällt mir ganz besonders. Und das neue Teil sieht so richtig dramatisch aus auf dem roten Stoff. Aber der Name des Projekts sagt ja auch schon einiges aus :)

    Solche Wolle-Aufwickler gab es früher schon, meine Mutter hatte auch mal so einen (oder ganz ähnlich), als sie noch gestrickt hatte.

  5. Lovely progress the wool winder is awesome :)