Monday 31 August 2015


It's time for August's DESIGN update - in fact, it's almost to late for it, so I better hurry up and post!

What project are you talking about this month?

This month I will be talking about the Hare Hop project by Gale French/Stitchers Anon.

Have you stitched a project by this designer before?
Nope, this was a first.

Would you buy/stitch a design by this designer again? Why/Why not?
I most surely will! I actually have the first installment of her Year of the Hare at home that I recently won in a giveaway Gale was generously holding, and I'm planning to stitch this and the other eleven sometime soon.

What made you choose this particular design/designer?
This pattern is part of a stitching hop, so I was the first in a group of stitchers to receive it and will send it on to the next one. I really liked the idea and the pattern to, so I decided to join in and I haven't had reason to regret it :)

Did you notice anything that distinguished this designer from others? 
Gale has this adorable head-canon of Holmsley the hare who adopted an orphaned deer, Fergus, and the two of them are featured in many of her patterns.
As far as I've seen, her patterns are usually full stitches with little to none backstitching. She doesn't seem to usually use hand dyed fibers, but some of her designs really inspire me to use some nevertheless, like in the picture above where I used 'Mist' by Nina's threads for the writing.


katjakay said...

What an adorable piece

Leonore Winterer said...

Thank you :) I really enjoyed stitching it as well

Carla - Alaska Wolf Pack said...

It really is so pretty with the floss changes you did!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a perfect sentiment for any stitcher! Gale is a great designer and a lovely person too.