Saturday 27 June 2015


I know, I know, I'm late, SUPER late. In fact, I actually skipped a week of posting...I think I will really need to reduce the number of checkins I have, since I'm so bad at keeping schedule, and I really don't like it as well. But now, let's just get to the important part: what did I stitch?

To be honest, I'm being a bit slow at the moment. That's due to a mix of real life stress (like work and apartment organizing), being on a gaming spree, and being really, really lazy when it's hot outside. So last week, I only finished my column of Dark Force on friday - and then forgot to take a picture. This week, I only finished the column yesterday as well, so here is two weeks of progress on this:

Thankfully, I bekame a bit more productive during the actual IHSW weekend: the third clue of Halloween Town I was working on on Saturday. I'm really enjoying this one, but I will have to take a bit of a break because a) I'm all out of the black Sampler Thread and will need to order more and b) I'm planning a bit of recharting on the last clue and will have to see how that goes.

Then, I did the backstitching on page 6 of Cut Thru' Cottage: Now I only have the ground floor left to do.

And for the last picture, here's my ORT-jar: Looks like a lot of stitcing happened this month, but don't forget that I'm two weeks late in taking this picture!

Other stuff that happened: I finished Imperial Glory, a large-skale turn-based strategy game. I'm quite happy about that, because I had fun playing, but I had put off doing the last few battles for ages, and now I finally got myself to do it ;)

There was watching too, of course: How I Met Your Mother (S5, E6-20), Vikings (S3, E 1+ 2), Downton Abbey (S4, 1-3) and Once Upon a Time (S1, E5-7). Also some movies: Babel, a story about one gunshot that has consequences in four very different places for some very different people, and Limitless, one of those movies about mind-enhancing drugs (I'm seeing a trend here) that Felix had seen a while ago and wanted me to see as well. I enjoyed it, but for being hyper-intelligent, that guy sure did some very basic mistakes...


Linda said...

Congrats on all of the great progress Leonore.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress, even if you do forget to post! I have the Halllowe'en Town started too and on the list to stitch this year!

Leonore Winterer said...

Thank! I'll try to become better at posting :D

It's really cute and fun to stitch, a shame I left it untouched for so long...