Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2014

Kindle Cover #1

As I already mentioned some time ago, I got a amazon Kindle ebook-reader for christmas this year. With it came this great leather case that also has a little lamp and looks really beautiful - but it has one big flaw: There's nothing to keep the front closed, and so I never dared to just put it into my backpack because I was afraid something would get between the cover and the display and cause damage.

So when I picked up crocheting again recently, one of my first ideas for an actually usefull project was a cover for my kindle - just something simple to put it in that would keep everything closely together. As that would practicaly mean crocheting a big rectangle and involved next to no counting, it was also a great project to take to university with me. Also I spend some time picking a nice pattern; there are lots of different crochet patterns I want to try and this seemed like a simple enough practice piece.

In the end, the pattern didn't turn out quite how I had imagined it - it was supposed to have more of a 'woven' look, maybe something was off about the strength of my needle or yarn or something - but it's still pretty enough for me to be pleased with the result. There's not a stitch sewed on this (apart from fastening loose ends and the button), everything is crocheted together.

To make this, I used my favourite acrylic yarn - 'Versailles' from German manefacturer buttinette. It's really nice and easy to work with and a pleasure to make amigurumi and such, but for larger projects it's actually a bit thin, which is why this took quite a while longer than expected. But I still got quite a lot of this yarn in several colors, so for the moment I'm going to continue using it ^_^

Next up is an other kindle cover for Felix - same yarn, but in black and bright red, and a different pattern. But as tomorrow is my last lecture ever, I'll have to see when I find time to work on it...can't neglect stitching, can I?

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