Samstag, 28. Dezember 2013

Ready for take off!

Bloggers of the world, beware, as a new challenger enters the arena! ...or something like that.
Okay, first things first - I guess a short introduction is in order. So...I'm Leonore Winterer aka Fusainne from deviantArt, sweet almost-25 according to my licence but not a day older than fifteen at heart - or maybe even more like five, if you believe some people ^_^
I'm currently working on my Master's degree in Computer Science in Freiburg, Germany (born and raised) and until I'll be finished, I'm living with my beloved grandparents. I very much enjoy reading, stitching, crocheting and video games and also lots of other things that constantly make me wish for 48 hour-days, which all might find their way into this blog to a bigger or smaller extent, depending on who actually reads this stuff - far be it from me to bore anyone!

Okay, formalities out of the way, I guess if you actually read this far you're probably curious what brought me here and my ramblings to you. Well, you can probably blame that one on Mattsma from Scéal Teach, because she and Katjakay from Vanya Sulie started this wonderful project called '2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler' (and as soon as I find out how, I'll place their wonderfully created button on here somehow, along with problably a few others, but I'm pretty new to the whole blog-thing, so please bear with me!). When I first read about it on dA I have to admit that I had no idea who this Teresa Wentzler even was - but I'm a curious girl, so I did some research, and it turns out she's a amazing designer of not less amazing cross stitch charts, and I had indeed seen a few of her designs before without realizing they were from the same artist. So the more I saw, the more I fell in love with her work, and decided I really HAD to join this project!

So I did a little shopping, too, and over the last few weeks I spent more money than I care to admit on supplies and charts and other stuff (I had to do quite some ebay-hunting too, since just about all of her patterns are out of print, and not all are avaiable online, and don't even get me started on delivery times from the US to Germany and how absolutly unfair it is how very cheap stuff is over there and...okay, enough rambling already) and now I'm more than read for the year of Teresa Wentzler - heck, I guess I'd even be ready if it was a whole decade of hers, but take a look for yourself:

So, in case you're wondering what you actually SEE in this picture - things I bought during the last weeks include
  • The Best of Teresa Wentzler Fantasy Collection Volumes 1 & 2
  • The Best of Teresa Wentzler Christmas Collection
  • The Best of Teresa Wentzler Sampler Collection
  • Woodland Faerie Chart
  • Opened (and therefor cheap) but complete and unused kit for Peacock Tapestry
  • Most*(see below) of the supplies for the Enchanter
  • Online-Version of the Enchanter chart since there were quite a few changes
  • Two pieces of fabric I'll now use for who knows what (see also below)
Things in the picture I already owned, but will certainly use a lot include my beloves Q-snap, lots of needles, scissors and a little diary to jot down notes in.

So, with all that laid out before me and patterns that'll probably keep me busy for the better part of my life, where do I actually begin? My declared plan was to start with The Enchanter, and as soon as I back from wishing everyone a Happy New Year at about 1 am on New Year's Day. Now, there are a few minor problems:

For one, while sorting my floss I realized I am, in fact, six skeins short. Two account for my own stupidity (I just plainly overlooked them), but the four others were actually missing from the material list I used. Not that big a problem, however, since I'm planning to start on the border, and the missing colors are only needed towards the middle of the picture and as I already ordered them would probably arrive looong before I got there.

Second (and much more gravely)  - I bought the wrong fabric. I ordered antique white (because, god knows what I was thinking about at the time, but I thought it would be a good idea) only to realize it wouldn't fit the pattern at all. So I went to town and bought some white fabric instead (which you can see in the picture) only to get home and discover that there actually is one shop which still sells the pearl grey which is the 'recommended' fabric for the project. No way I'll settle for less than as-perfect-as-possible on a project I have put so much money (and will put even more time) in! So, new fabric is ordered, but it's from the UK and might take up to four weeks to arrive - no way I can start The Enchanter on New Year's day now. Also, I got two pretty pieces of fabric now that I'll have to find use for.

Soooo...what now? I guess I have two options. One, I wait patiently for the order to arrive and start The Enchanter as soon as the fabric arrives - until than, I'll work on the medium-sized Little Mermaid-Kit from the Thomas Kinkade/Disney Dreams Collection, which is the only project I started in 2013 and didn't finish yet; you can see my progress below - as I finally reached the lower left corner, you can imagine the dimensions pretty well.

Second option: A little rescheduling, and I start Peacock Tapestry first. Little Mermaid won't be forgotten, but more of a side project for now. bring this long, long post to an end (since it's almost 2am and I'm only writing this now because I was lying awake anyways trying to formulate everything in may head and being afraid to forget all of my oh-so-witty remarks come morning) - which one will it be? Try to convince me of one option or the other, I'm quite open to both!

Now, finally off to bed. More about blogging-formalities and what ever else there might be left to say on the morrow, or whenever I make up my mind, I guess. A good day to all of my dear friend's whose weekend is just about to start, and good night to everyone who (like me) should long be asleep ^_^


  1. Hurrah!!! I am sorry about giving you the web address for the correct fabric since that really will delay your start of the one you wanted to start. I too am delayed for my start on English Cottage Sampler due to the fabric issue.


    1. Ah, no worries, I spent quite some time with Peacock Tapestry, sorting through the floss and such, and I guess I'd be quite happy to start with this one now ^_^ Aaand besides, I guess both of us have quite enough other projects to keep ourselves busy for the time to come, right? Right?

      And THANKS! Hehe

  2. I'm a rookie blogger too, Carla is my source for help. So happy you joined our project. And I love that we introduced you to TW. I did one of her small freebie patterns years ago and have been waiting to do a big one for awhile. Course I cheated on the 2014 thing a little, as I've already started.
    I cheated a bit on the fabric too, same colour, but a different ct. I prefer working with 28ct over 25ct.

    1. Hm...I was quite sure I already answered to you comment, yet my anwser is nowhere to be seen. And here I wanted to state the sure, we will get a graps of this whole blog-business quite soon as it seems to be pretty straight forward - oh well xD

      Anyway, noone said you couldn't start early, I was quite tempted myself, but I guess I'll hold on one more day without starting my project ^^ Though I never really stitched on evenweave or linen before, only on aida, so I'm curious to who that turns out...

  3. Yay for beginning bloggers, of which I am one! ^_^ I am looking forward to which TW projects everyone is working on. Carla seems to be getting a lot of us started on this blogging thing ;)

    1. Haha, yeah, she is indeed, and I like it a lot ^_^ I'll make sure to follow your blog as well, I love reading from fellow stitchers. Are you joining on the TW-project too, per chance?