Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

Alphabet Club Catch Up - K

Another week, another try to catch up with this SAL! Let's start with some stitching - here are some kitties, or 'Kätzchen' in German.

'K' is a somewhat easier letter for me since I consider it a very 'German' letter - in the sense that many words that start with a 'C' in other European languages, like English, French or Spanish, will start with a 'K' in German (unless they start with a 'Ch', we do keep that!). Examples for this are 'Katze' (cat), 'Kaffee' (coffee), 'Kerze' (candle) and 'Kakao' (cocoa). The word I'm choosing for today's post, however, doesn't fall into this 'Kategorie' (you can guess that one!) and is instead another one from my list of 'instranslatable' words, and it is 'Kummerspeck' - literally, 'Sadness Bacon'. 'Kummer' in German means 'sadness, sorrow, or grief', for example, when you are lovesick, you have 'Liebeskummer'. 'Speck' means 'bacon', but is also used (affectionately, in most cases) if someone put on a little weight. So if you are sad or heartbroken and grieving, and find comfort in food and it starts showing, you got 'Kummerspeck'. If only it went away as quickly as it came when the Kummer is over!

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

Secret Stitching Sweethearts Blog Hop

It's Valentine's Day and Jo is hosting her famous Secret Stitching Sweethearts blog hop again! Every participant was supposed to send a picture of something Valentine's related they made, then we were each randomly assigned one of those pictures to post. Here's the one I've got:

I don't know who my secret sweetheart is, so we'll have to wait for her or him to post here to find more about this! In case you want to look at more of the secret sweetheart fun, here's the full list of all participants on Jo's blog: click

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017

Some progress - just like that

It's been a while since I updated without having a SAL to answer to, but here I am, having progress to show and now check-in in sight - am I missing something? I think it's because WIPocalypse has moved to the end of the month instead of lingering around somewhere in the middle! In any case, let's get to that progress now.

With just being one day late, I finished page 7 of the Fire and Ember SAL on February 1st. This also marks the end of the first row of pages, and I'm still amazed by how awesome this looks when taking a step back - Jody is amazing with her charts! I also think my fixing is reasonably well hidden, so I continue working on this. Yay me!

 I have since started my 8th page (which is actually page 14, I'm working down the fixing-section on the far left) and made some progress, this should be done way before the end of the month this time.

Of course, I also worked on my 'mystery' start, and as of today, it won't be a mystery anymore! Jo got it right again, it's a fan, or rather, it will be three fans - Joan Elliotts 'Fans of the Far East', and I'm working on the middle fan right now. Here is where I am today:

I've also had a small new start...I got this awesome book with little beaded boxes for Christmas, and was just about to dive in and buy a lot of new beads, when I remembered that I actually bought a small kit using a similar technique a while back, so I might as well try that one out first. This is a little beaded pin kit from mill hill, also working with cylindric beads and peyote stitch, and I'm having a ton of fun with it! I got this on sale at sewandso for really cheap, but sadly, those kits seem to be out of production, so I can't easily get the other ones now...but that's okay, I can always start my boxes when I'm finished! I'm trying to pace myself and only work on this a little at a time, but I'm having so much fun it's difficult to put down.

Lastly, here's my current progress on The Puppeteer. 356 more stitches of black!

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

Alphabet Club Catch Up - J

I'm so far behind on this SAL it hurts, but I still believe I can catch up! ... hopefully. So, first step in the right direction, the letter is 'J' and my stitching is Magicals January Ornament from two years ago (I could have picked June or July which are also really pretty, but January was the first one and the one that made me fall in love with those, and still one of my favourites)

Sadly, I didn't find any good intranslatable words for 'J', so instead, I picked something that is, in my eyes, very, very German (also Austrian and Swiss, but I can't really speak for them) - 'Jodeln' (Yodeling). Now according to wikipedia, Jodeln is 'singing without words, using syllabels and rapid switches between high and low registers' and, also according to wikipedia, similar techniques have been used in mountain areas all over the worls to allow for communication between herders, gatheres, foresters and other people working in soltitude (the yodeling carries really far between mountains and makes it easy to send signals from one peak to another). Under the name 'Jodeln', however, this technique was first named in what is today's Bavaria and Austria, and it is still used in some forms of folklore music (if you are interested in that stuff, you should also look up the 'Alphorn') and it sounds something like this:

Or like this:

And this:

'J' is also for 'jolly', so let me use this post to thank the lovely Mii Stitch for this wonderful pattern she sent me after drawing my name in the giveaway:

I've admired Ursula Michael's charts from afar for a while now, but actually having one in my hands it's even better than I imagined and I can't wait to get to stitch this!

Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

January WIPocalypse

I think I'm actually two days late for this - my mind kept telling me 'last day of the month' when in reality, I think it's the last sunday, but that just means you get two more days worth of stitching to look at! Not that I have too much time to stitch to begin with (because of good stuff, mostly, but still stuff cutting into my me-time), but progress is progress!

Let's start with this month's conversation topic: What Stitch-a-Longs (SALs) are you participating in this year? On the blogging side, I'm a bit boring, following just the same ones as last year - this here WIPocalypse, Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness, and IHSW when I remember it. I'm also trying to catch up on the Alphabet Club, since I am several months behind. On the actual stitching side, I'm still mostly on track with the one-page-a-month Fire and Ember SAL, and I bought the two SALs from Lakeside Needlecraft, the Fantasy and the Under the Sea one and also the Under the Sea by Ship's Manor, but I haven't started any of those yet and will probably stitch them at my own pace later.

Now for my actual progress:

I've been working on my 'mystery' new years start and completed the flowery part by adding those little white flowers. From now on, the actual shape is going to become more and more obvious! I'm actually a bit further than this, but I wanted to show you just the flower because I think it will look strange-ish for a bit now. This is where I am at:

Can you guess the shape yet?

I've also been working on the Fire and Ember SAL - stitching along that edge is still going slowly, but I think it's turning out a-okay. I'm not quite finished with the page, so I am technically late on this for the first time, but it shouldn't take more than a few days to catch up.

I've been working on Felix' sock, and I'm almost ready to turn the heal - I think I want the leg to be a tiny bit longer, but I'm not sure yet. I will decide soon, though.

And last but not least, here is my start on the Puppeteer. Those are nine days of stitching, so one and a half of the 240 meteres of black - 460 stitches. I'm avaraging around 50 stitches a day, taking anywhere between 13 and 20 minutes. I like the progress so far, but as this page is mostly black, it will still be about a month before it's finished, I guess.

Montag, 23. Januar 2017

January IHSW and more

According to my calculations, last weekend was January IHSW, and while it didn't work out quite like I had planned (Moana had to be watched and Trails of Cold Steel had to be played!), I did my very best to hermit and stitch and I did make some progress, both on the weekend itself and in the week before too. Anyways, I have quite a bit to show of that stuff that I consider exciting, so here we go!

First and most excitingly, my first finish of the year - the hobbit meal plan is all done (isn't that green pretty?!). Such a fun project, such fun floss, and also one down from my list. Just need to find a frame and it's good to go for the next time we meet Felix' brother.

Next I started working on the next page of the Fire and Ember SAL - page 7 is what I should get done in January, so I better focus on that for a bit. As you might remember, I had a bit of an accident here and held the fabric the wrong way around and now it won't be wide enough. I decided to fix that by cutting the excess fabric from the bottom and stitch over the overlap, and so far it's working out okay. It actually looks stronger in the picture than it does in real life, and I hope it will turn out to be one of those things you don't notice unless you know it's there. I have one of two main colours done, so almost half the page is down.

I also worked some more on my Joan Elliott new year start and added all the leafes around that pretty flower. Next up are some small white flowers and after that there definitly won't be any more hiding which design this is going to be!

There have also been a few new starts. This one I've been experimenting with for a bit, but now it's finally going in the right direction - it's a crocodile stitch mermaid tail blanket for a friend of ours. I think it's probably the biggest crochet project I've done so far, but it's fun with the scales and I'm doing little patches of silver and gold sparkle as randomly as I can. This is one skein of Drops Nepal (65% wool/35% alpaca, 75m to 50g and so so soft!) on the scaly section, and also my third or fourth try to get that tail fin right - I'm still not content, but maybe the next try will be the one. I have no idea how much yarn I will need for this, I bought 30 skeins in two colours and I'll see how far that will take me.

Also, I didn't have any socks in my on-the-go knitting back, so I had to change that by starting a new pair for Felix. Just plain socks without a pattern, but pretty yarn in summer-y colours, just the right thing for that cold and dark and wet weather!

And last but not least, a fun 'little' project I have planned for a bit now. I bought the pattern 'Puppeteer' from Unconventional X Stitch as a Christmas present for myself (please remind me to put a picture up in the side bar if I forget) and I was a bit shocked to see that it requires 240m of black - but I also saw the opportunity to finally get a cone of DMC 310, so I did, and I also bought fabric and now I cut 1m pieces off that cone and I want to stitch one length of that each day. I'm strangely excited to stitch such a ton of black, but at this speed it should only take me about 4 years (plus whatever time I need to finish the other colours), hahaha :D

Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Alphabet Club Catch Up - I

I don't know how I ended up so far behind with the catch up, but I'm going to do something about it! Next in line is the letter 'I'. Off the top of my head, I can't think of too many words starting with 'I', so let me cheat a little with my stitching - here, have a woman In her bathtub!

I was looking at Intranslatable words again for Inspiration, and the one I will be going with today is the 'Innerer Schweinehund'. Literally, that would be you 'inner pig dog', and it describes  that ferocious beast inside of you that does not like being raised from the couch, being fed healthy or getting dragged out for a jog - basically, the part of you you have to fight with and overcome in order to better yourself, keep resolution and do all that stuff you said you would, but don't really want to. Or maybe you want to...but your innerer Schweinehund doesn't!