Montag, 16. Oktober 2017

October Gifted Gorgeousness

I'm having kind of a dilemma here...I am almost not late for my checkin, but I hardly have anything to show! Which is not because I didn't work on any gifts or freebies (great shoehorns for GG!), but because I can't show any of those yet. So...oh, I do have one thing to show, and that is an updated picture of those blue socks I'm knitting for Felix' dad. They are a bit shorter than the last ones I made for him, so I already reached the heel.

Now for my non-GG stitching, I did make some progress on my Halloween Cat - the first pumpkin is no finished and I love those vibrant colours! Also, a cat leg has appeared and is waiting to be attached to the rest of that spooky feline.

And then, of course, the dragon made a comeback last weekend and saw some progress as well. I might even finish the page next weekend, if I can find some time!

In the end, one last thing I wanted to mention for a while, but I keep forgetting - I usually 'deal' with the comments I get as they come in as emails and I answer them (more or less straight away), but lately I have noticed that some comments are not coming in as emails for some reason. So I don't know if this problem lies on my side or on yours - and if anyone can enlighten me in that matter, shine away! - but if you've felt ignored by me in the past, I am really sorry and I promised I was not doing it on purpose!

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

The dragon and the kittycat

This time, the title sounds a little like a children's fact, I am sure it would be an awesome book if a dragon and a cat were the protagonists! Nevertheless, what I am actually talking about is my weekendstitching, and that was yet again two projects. My main focus was, as usual, the Fire and Ember SAL. I did not get a whole lot done - Felix had to work Saturday, so I was doing other things than our usual 'Netflix and Stitch' routine, and Sunday we went to my grandparents to celebrate their 66th wedding anniversary - but I did make some progress after all. I really enjoy filling those scales in, they are turning out so lovely!

And then I was also doing a little stitching on my Halloween Cat - I have not given up on her yet! Over the weekend, I stitched the left kitten, but I forgot to take a picture, so now you will see the kiten plus a bit of the pumpkin I am working on this week.

Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

The Princess and the Puppeteer

What sounds like some kind of new-age fairytale describes, in fact, pretty accurately my stitching progress over the last week or so. I worked on Snowwhite - in fact, I made quite a bit of progress. I was a little bit behind on my 'one length a day; so I got caught up, andadded an extra week for good measure. In that time, I got to the upper edge of the skirt, and then stitched the first colour of the bodice, because I really needed to see that the yellow ends somewhere! This part was a bit slow, since there is a ton of quarter stitches around the edges. I then went on to start the next shade of yellow (you can see just a little bit of it in the bottom right), which is a really lovely shade, and there will be a lot more of it in the coming weeks.

I also continued my daily work on the Puppeteer, plus a little extra, so I am almost caught up now! I do have another 'black-page-finish' to report:

Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

September WIPocalypse

I am late...because I almost fell into that 'want to do everything at once' trap again. I did get out of it, however, and packed away everything that was threatening to distract my, and I am back and ready to focus!

The question of the month is Which floss (or color of floss) do you absolutely adore and want to stash constantly? I don't really have an answer for that. I do own a full set of DMC because it's just so convenient to have. I will buy extras if a project requires a whole skein or even several skeins. I love all colours, and while I do love overdyed flosses and hand dyed silks and the like, I don't usually buy them 'just in case' since I am always afraid that, once I find a project I want to use it on, I won't have enough to finish! I'm trying to build a little stash of metallics, though, as for small project the exact shade is often not so important, but they still deserve that little extra bling.

Now for my progress...I did finish that page of Fire and Ember I was working on, which means my dragon now has an almost complete face. Reason enough to snap a quick overview shot when moving the frame for the next page!

I also did a little crochet this weekend to do part 2 of the pineapple CAL. I like how the pattern is coming out, but this will have to go away for a while so I can focus on a few presents that need to get finished.

Halloween Cat did see a little more love and I finished the first of the trees. I plan to keep focusing on her, although at this rate I am not sure I will be quite done by Halloween!

Lastly, I had a start on the October page of Fire and Ember just yesterday, and so I only finished one colour so far (though it is 817 - my favourite shade of read on this project!)

Samstag, 30. September 2017

The Alphabet Club - Z

I put so much effort into catching up with this SAL and then I almost miss the very last check-in...sounds right like me, doesn't it?

So for Z, our last letter, we have Link from the Legend of Zelda:

And for our German word of the month, we have 'zwölf' - twelve. Nothing fancy, or funny, but a wonderful bridge to the next monthly SAL, recently introduced by the wonderfully creative Jo: The twelve Zodiacs. Each month we are going to target one, with stitching appropriat to either the zodiac directly, or the birth stone/flower, element, or whatever else we see fit. I, for my part, have a few ideas I think you will like, and I am currently busy preparing my first post for October, and I hope it will be finished soon to share with you!

Sonntag, 24. September 2017

All the crafting we missed...

I have a bit of crafting progress to tell you about that kind of fell through the net with all the traveling and other stuff going on, so let me just quickly sum that up.

I managed to stay on top with one of my one-legth-a-day projects - Snowwhite. She's almost two months in now and I have decided that I'm going to stitch up to where her skirt meets her bodice, then continue with the skirt all the way to the bottom.

On The Puppeteer, I am still not quite up to date, but I actually managed to catch up a bit more and am now less than two weeks behind. What's more important, I had another page finish, which brought me to a full row finish across the width of the design!

In the weekends (not including the one we spent in Ireland and also not the current one - because that brought more progress I will show you soon) I continued working on Fire and Ember, and the face really starts to fill in now - I do love my little red dragon!

Last but not least, there are the two projects I brought to Italy with me. For conference itself, I brought some knitting - Viajante, that huge knitting project. I made some decent progress - about 40 rows, but I decided to stop counting them and just knit, so I'm not quite sure. I'm also not sure this will ever be finished! It's going to be huge, but so far it's still pretty tiny.

For the train and hotel, I brought my Halloween Cat with me, and made some pretty nice progress - I finished the head and hat and also the moon and clouds. Next up I'll work my way down the left side and then across to the right. Maybe I can even still finish her before Halloween?

Samstag, 23. September 2017

How to take a vacation

I still owe you some stories and pictures from Ireland, and now I finally have the time to write about it. Being on vacation was kind of a 'new' experience for Felix and me - we never had been away together, not for more than a long weekend and without work (in fact, it was about ten years since anyone of us had done that without the other as well), and when we have time off to stay at home, there's usually so much to do we hardly ever get into that really nice, relaxed state of mind - so we were really due that vacation!

We flew to Dublin on Monday morning, got our rental car and on the road we were (after some initial confusion about driving on the right (the left) side of the road) we were off to our first B&B in Kilkenny. On the route we made a stop at Glendalough National Park and took a walk in the beautiful landscape. The next day, we explored the town a little, then went to the Dunmore Cave and then on to Killarney via the Rock of Cashel. On our first day there, we drove down to Kinmare and took the beautiful coast road of the Ring of Beara. Next day, we went to Kinmare again, this time to take the boat - the offer a beautiful cruise around the bay to watch the eagels and seals, which was really awesome. On the last day before moving on, we went to see Mukross house - only the outside, which is a beautiful park full of really big trees and plants. Our next stop was in the Galway region, but a little farther out. Our fist big trip there, we went up to Galway (were I visited a lovely little craft shop - can't have a vacation without a few souvenirs!) and then on to Kylemore Abbey with its beautiful Victorian walled gardens, from where we drove home via the stunning Sky Road. The next day, we had planned to take a boat out to the Aran Isles and to see the Cliffs of Moher from the sea side, but thanks to a storm warning, that wasn't happening. Instead, we visited the cliffs from the land, and then drove around a little, until I saw a sign 'Craft Fair today'. Of course we had to stop for a bit - it was a tiny fair, less then ten stalls, but on one a lady sat hand spinning, and I bought some beautiful onion dyed yarn from her. Turns out she comes from the same corner of Germany that I come from and lives in Ireland now! The next day, we went back to Dublin (via Trim castle) and did a little sightseeing there. Sadly, the exhibition with the Book of Kells had already closed for the day when we got there, so we couldn't see that, but we did see a few other things.

So much for the short version of what we did, now let me just do a big picture dump (in roughly chronological order) to share the gorgeous ;)